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Best Releases of the Week [3.17.23]

by Connor Smith
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Thrones of Blood” Album – Sullivan King

After three years of hard work, dedication, and creativity, Sullivan King‘s highly anticipated studio album “Thrones of Blood” was released via Monstercat on March 17th. The thirteen-track album showcases Sullivan King‘s ability to seamlessly blend bass music and metal without compromising the authenticity of either genre. An album that features collaborations with renowned artists such as Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer, SVDDEN DEATH, Excision, and more. It also includes previously released singles like the massive hit “The Dead March” with Ray Volpe, the speaker-shattering collaboration with Excision, “Fall Apart,” and the highly anticipated and hard-hitting SVDDEN DEATH collaboration, “Pursuit of Violence.” The album is further complemented by new tracks like “Die By My Hand” with Vastive featuring Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer, “Riot” with Kai Wachi, and more. “Thrones of Blood” is a true testament to Sullivan King‘s unique talent and passion for music, and is sure to captivate and thrill listeners with its innovative sound.

Paradise” – Flux Pavillion

Flux Pavilion, the renowned British producer and a trailblazer in the electronic music scene, is starting off 2023 with his latest single, “Paradise.” With a career spanning over a decade, Flux Pavilion has released chart-topping hits, collaborated with industry giants, and headlined major festivals worldwide. “Paradise” is a testament to his unwavering skill and boundless creativity. The track features a blend of Flux Pavilion‘s signature sound, combining melodic bass and upbeat rhythms. The progression of the track is marked by a captivating and euphoric vocal before transitioning into a weighty and anthemic sound. This single is yet another example of Flux Pavilion‘s musical prowess and his ability to push the boundaries of electronic music.

Baby Again..” – Skrillex x fred again.. x Four Tet

The highly anticipated collaboration between Fred Again.., Skrillex, Four Tet, and Lil Baby has finally arrived, delighting fans with the release of “Baby Again..“. The track opens with a captivating electronic beat that slowly builds up, accompanied by Lil Baby‘s smooth vocals. The infectious synth-driven instrumental is ideal for any party, with its addictive loops perfectly timed to the pulsating lights. Clocking in at over five minutes, the track manages to maintain its energy and never overstays its welcome. This collaboration showcases the impressive production skills of these renowned artists and is sure to be a hit among electronic and hip-hop music fans alike.

Shady Intentions” VIP – NGHTMRE

Australian singer Tori Levett‘s captivating and velvety vocals set the tone for “Shady Intentions” VIP, which gradually builds up with dynamic and anthemic energy. The explosive drop features a robust percussion section and impressive synth work, followed by a mellower and more melodious verse, before returning to the electrifying chorus. The revamped version adds a deeper level of bass, refreshing the already legendary hit while perfectly complementing the original. This track is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, with its seamless blend of old and new elements.

Kx5” Album – Kaskade x Deadmau5 x Kx5

As Kaskade and Deadmau5 team up for their debut album under the name Kx5, the album “Kx5” is nothing short of a masterpiece that combines both legendary DJ’s skill and expertise. Filled with upbeat rhythms and intoxicating vocals, each song has a unique ability to tell a story from beginning to end. With tracks featuring some of the hottest producers in the industry such as Elderbrook and Sofi Tukker, songs like “When I Talk” and “Sacrifice” test the boundaries of dance music.

Better” – Rome in Silver

Rome In Silver’s “Better” incorporates a unique blend of genres, as it infuses elements of EDM, pop, and indie music. Rome In Silver‘s production skills shine through in “Better”, as he uses intricate synth work, dynamic drum patterns, and subtle background samples to add layers to an already complex and mesmerizing track.

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