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1788-L with latest 2021 release, “HI-TECH”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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1788-L blends French-house inspired elements with his dark distorted synth-work for latest release “HI-TECH”

The mysterious artist known as 1788-L has released two tracks in 2021 as part of his Parallel: S EP, “Human Machine” and “Automation,” via the Deadbeats label. The track “Automation” drew inspiration from the legendary duo Daft Punk, and following suit with French-House inspiration, 1788-L’s latest track, “HI-TECH” appears to draw inspiration from the French duo Justice.

The sinister soundscape of 1788-L’s “HI-TECH” is brought to life with aggressive synth riffs, distorted samples, and a punchy groove, occasionally broken up with muffled pads and percussive breakdowns.

Catch 1788-L performing on Sunday, August 1st at HARD Summer Music Festival! Enjoy the heavy electro sound of “HI-TECH” below, released on July 29th, via DeadBeats.

Photo Credit: Drew Ressler/rukes.com

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