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Stage Hoppers’ Friday Picks – July 30th, 2021 – New Music from LSDREAM, Lost Frequencies, BLVD., and more!

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Stage Hoppers, we are back with another feature of  Stage Hoppers’ Friday Picks to start your weekend off right! Let’s highlight some artists and their new music for your Friday! Enjoy!
LSDREAM is not one to shy away from experimental sounds. His psychedelic funk, space odyssey soundscapes, are a true testament to his talent as a musician/producer. After teasing this track on his R.A.V.E. CAVE series, the legion of LSDREAMers have waited patiently for the tune to drop. “PEACE LOVE & WUBZ” transports listeners into the world that LSDREAM has created, this time featuring 90s Hip-Hop vibes courtesy of the lyrical master Cojaxx. Spread “PEACE LOVE & WUBZ” throughout the universe.
“Cielo” – BLVD., Laidback Luke
The mysterious newcomer BLVD. and the Dutch heavyweight Laidback Luke release electro house “Cielo” via Purple Fly Records. BLVD. has been quickly rising up the ranks of the music industry with millions of streams and has also garnered support from huge artists such as Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Dillion Francis, and now, Laidback Luke. “Cielo” presents a minimalistic yet energetic percussive drop. Through the breakdowns, an ethereal vocal resonates through the stereo field as a dominating electro synth introduces the melodic riff signaling the build back to the drop. “Cielo” by BLVD. and Laidback Luke provides a great addition to the summer club scene repertoire.
“Where Are You Now” – Lost Frequencies, Calum Scott
The phenomenal Belgian artist Lost Frequencies and British singer/songwriter Calum Scott collaborate on “Where Are You Now.” Following the release of “Rise,” which reached over 50 million streams, Lost Frequencies delivers a beautifully melodic track while blending the vibrant, soulful vocals of Calum Scott. Lost Frequencies introduces low frequency synths that allow Calum Scott’s voice to gracefully sign the hook: “You’re just like my favorite song going round and round in my head.” Lost Frequencies continues to stay at the top of his game with over 13 million monthly listeners, billions of streams, and 10 multi-platinum singles. Can’t wait to hear this track during his live sets!
“Bizarre Universe” – Astro Lizard (album)
Venture into the “Bizarre Universe” of AstroLizard with this debut album via WAKAAN. With a name like AstroLizard, you aren’t sure what to expect, but that’s the beauty of new music! The debut album of the relatively unknown artist offers insight into the puzzling but impressive sound of AstroLizard. There’s quite a variety of elements that work well together to create the world of AstroLizard. From high energy bass bangers to more electric melodic bass tracks, AstroLizard takes listeners on an auditory trip through space, crash landing on Earth with his sonic vibes. For bass fanatics that live for new experimental music, add AstroLizard’s “Bizarre Universe” to your playlist.
“Leaders” – Black Tiger Sex Machine, Alborosie

The Canadian trio Black Tiger Sex Machine have released their first single of their upcoming album, and it offers an interesting twist.  The single “Leaders” is a collaboration with Italian-Jamaican reggae artist Alborosie. The intro features reggae elements from strong syncopation and acoustic-like instruments supporting the vocal style of Alboroise, but then listeners are greeted by the explosive electro and bass of Black Tiger Sex Machine. “Leaders” is a great treat for BTSM fans as the upcoming album comes to fruition!



Photo Credit: Drew Ressler/rukes.com (Picture in honor of HARD Summer this weekend!)

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