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Ujuu and RYNS debut on SSKWAN with ´Lumina´ EP

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Today, Ujuu and RYNS release their four track EP Lumina, via SKWAAN. Their debut on Liquid Stranger´s WAKAAN spin-off label delivers beautiful atmospheres that engulf the listener in gleaming beats. 

The sonic journey of Lumina begins with the titular track, which features glistening synth work and dynamic percussive elements. The track then erupts into a vibrant color palette of sounds supported by deep bass hits. Next, “Discovery” evokes Lo-Fi dubs with crisp side-chaining for a subtle yet dominant groove-based track. “Right Place, Right Time” is pure downtempo bliss, melodic expression, and a standout track, in my opinion. The sultry guitar riffs soar over the evocative synth pads and Lo-Fi grooves, but then evolve into a unexpected wobbly bass atmosphere with beaming arpeggiations and melodic motifs. The EP closes out with “Level Head,” a slightly more upbeat dance environment which culminates the qualities expressed in the previous three tracks. Lumina is a true exploration of downtempo and Lo-Fi with an eclectic approach.

Regarding the creative process, RYNS tells us:

“Ujuu and I always make a point to have fun in the studio. The music started coming together naturally and after building up some projects it felt right to solidify them in an EP. We share a lot of influences which helps a lot when making creative decisions and throwing ideas at the wall. We’re always looking to create a moment for both the live setting and listeners at home. I think we both got to add our own flavors to the tracks and I’m really proud of how it turned out.” 

Ujuu adds:

“The Lumina EP to me is somewhat of an intentional piece that RYNS and I came up with little by little. We have a fun friendship through music and always find a way to make music when we spend time together. It started off like our usual hangs and studio sessions and as we wrote we stumbled onto some cool concepts and ideas. As we continued writing we discussed how we wanted to keep pushing ourselves to make more thoughtful and emotional music. To me ‘lumina’ simply was an idea/place/thought/space where RYNS and I could co exist and build our own unique style and sound. We pulled influence from a lot of different artists but also from the spaces we were in. Sometimes we would hike around his town where they have a beautiful lake and I think that played a role in what we imagined as the space that this kind of music would exist. Definitely a natural setting. After making the EP together and RYNS being one of my favorite people to collab with, we have toyed with the idea of starting a duo together. Who knows. Maybe we’ll sneak out a new project in the near future 👀” 

Lumina EP by Ujuu and RYNS was released on Thursday, March 10th, 2022, via SSKWAN.

More About Ujuu

The freeform bass scene is bigger than ever, but standing out, is one thing Indianapolis, IN native Ujuu won’t fail to do. Isaac Schaffer, aka Ujuu, has one of the most promising sounds in the underground right now and looks to continue pushing out those downtempo, experimental, and trap-hybrid heaters.

Pulling from his love of freeform experimental bass and future beats, Ujuu has developed an interesting, melodic storytelling, and downtempo sound that has earned support from the likes of Liquid Stranger, Excision, Wreckno, LSDREAM, Super Future, Electric Hawk, and more. Coming off an extremely booked and busy 2021, Ujuu proves that he’s not letting up anytime soon. Geared up with loads of collabs and big releases scheduled as well as heading up a new label/promotion company/agency, “Solace Family Records”, Ujuu is primed and ready for a 2022 come up.

More About RYNS

RYNS (/rins/) is the electronic music project of Indiana native, Cristiaan Broderick. His diverse sonic palette is best recognized by its gripping melodies and driving rhythms, bringing vibrancy to every release and performance. Having opened for names like Mr. Bill, , Mize, iLL Gates, Boogie T and more, RYNS continues to push his trap-future sound forward. His inspiration flows from connecting and creating with others, making a range of feel-good beats to hard-hitting bass tracks. RYNS’ fresh sounds and captivating themes are sure to push him into the light this festival season.

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