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Things You Should NOT Do at a Rave

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Party Fouls that Ruin Everyone’s Experience at a Rave & Why to Avoid Them

Raves and festivals are meant to be an escape into a world full of joy, unity through music, and respect for one another. However, sometimes we unwillingly get into situations that are uncomfortable or frustrating. In some cases, people don’t even realize that they could be the problem in the situation. At events, we are supposed to spread love and uplift each other. Instead of talking about what to do at an event, here’s what not to do.

No Means No (Even If It’s Unsaid)

If a rave bae catches your eye and you approach to speak to them, that’s okay! However, if they turn away to avoid you, don’t make lots of eye contact, and answer in the least amount of words possible, leave them alone. Sometimes people who are uncomfortable but also are just trying to be nice won’t flat out say “no”. You have to understand a person’s body language and learn when to stop.

Pushing Limits Too Far

We all come into an event with the full intention to party as hard as we can. That’s the point of going, right? We’re all here to listen to music, spend quality time with friends, and have a great time. Though, it is important to know your limits and know when too much is too much. If you are drinking, don’t go overboard and get to the point where you need your stomach pumped or someone to take care of you. Even though you know your friends have your back, it is unfair to their experience to have to spend the rest of the event tending to you because you couldn’t take care of yourself.

Culture Appropriation

This has definitely lessened over the past few years, but should still be reminded every now and then. Remember people wearing Native American headdresses and bindis in the name of aesthetics? It’s still wrong to do. Oh! And if it’s a Halloween-themed event, please do not dress up as a homeless person or inmate. It’s incredibly insensitive.


Mosh pits are undeniably fun to be a part of. The anxiousness and excitement during the build-up to the energy that is released when the beat drops are extremely thrilling! If you are participating in a mosh pit, don’t actually try to hurt someone. It can get pretty rough in the pits, but intentionally trying to hurt someone is not the idea. Also, try to keep the pushing inside of the mosh pits. Most of the time, there are people on the edges outside of the pits who clearly don’t want to be shoved or have people run into them. Be mindful of others!

“Excuse Me!”

This is a big one. Don’t push and shove people while you’re trying to make your way through the crowds. It’s rude and people are less willing to let you through. Fights can even break out if you push a short-tempered person. Avoid this and just say, “Excuse me”. It’s simple, yet very effective!

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