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Attend Super Future’s “Full Spectrum” EP Release Party

by Connor Smith
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Michigan born DJ and producer Super Future has been creating waves in the music industry for quite a while now. Known for his high-energy performances and catchy beats, Super Future has been capturing the hearts of electronic music fans across the world from stage to stage. His latest tour, Full Spectrum, is in full swing, and is set to be his best tour yet as it delivers a unique experience for connoisseurs of the EDM genre. Promising to deliver a show that will be a feast for the senses, Super Future’s ability to display stunning visuals, mind-bending lighting, and of course, an overall explosive performance will keep fans on their feet all night long.

The next stop on his Full Spectrum tour will be at his old stomping grounds, The Intersection, in Grand Rapids, MI, as he is set to release his “Full Spectrum” EP surrounded by his hometown fans and rave family. With a solid lineup consisting of bass heavy producers Miilk and Mindset, the night will be filled with dirty drops and hyperbolic headbanging from beginning to end, a truly perfect way to celebrate the release of his newest project.

In addition to the EP, Super Future will also be playing a mix of exclusive new releases and classic hits. To commemorate the occasion, limited edition merch will be available for purchase so that fans can take a piece of the unforgettable evening home with them. 

This Grand Rapids stop on the Full Spectrum tour is bound to be a memorable experience for electronic music fans. With spectacular production values, a range of different genres, and some fantastic guest performers, it promises to be one of the standout events of the year. Whether you’re a devoted Super Future fan or simply love electronic music, this is a tour date that you won’t want to miss. Tickets available here to secure your spot!


Be sure to check out the unreleased “Full Spectrum” mixtape below!

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