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Best Releases of the Week [3.31.23]

by Connor Smith
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Stomper” – Wreckno x EAZYBAKED

EAZYBAKED, a pioneering bass duo, and bass producer/rapper Wreckno have teamed up to release their highly anticipated collaboration, “Stomper.” The track, their first release under the Deadbeats label, is a dance anthem that is a perfect blend of EAZYBAKED‘s dynamic basslines and Wreckno‘s catchy, provocative lyrics. The track’s infectious beat and electrifying drops will undoubtedly become a party favorite, cementing the collaboration’s place as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.

Alien Bass” – Shlump

 Releasing his latest single “Alien Bass” via Deadbeats after the success of his collaboration with Smoakland on “Rock Like This,” Shlump returns with a mind-bending dubstep track that transports listeners to outer space and leaves them awestruck. Shlump‘s music is characterized by a blend of classic dubstep, West Coast vibes, and futuristic sound design. In “Alien Bass,” he continues to push the boundaries of the genre, creating a vibrant sonic landscape filled with innovative nuances and colossal waves of low-end.

Something In The Way” – RÜFÜS DU SOL 

RÜFÜS has released their take on a track from Nirvana‘s iconic 1991 album “Nevermind,” now available on all streaming platforms. The track is reimagined with haunting synths and a string quartet, making it the first time the band has incorporated studio musicians into their recorded work. RÜFÜS lead vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist embodies Kurt Cobain‘s haunting songwriting and vocal style with a performance that stays true to the band’s emotive signature sound. This fresh take on a classic track is sure to capture the attention of both Nirvana and RÜFÜS fans alike.

Feel Again” Album – Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren’s captivating new album “Feel Again” features 34 tracks spread throughout 3 parts, showcasing Armin‘s exceptional skills in music production and his expertise in the trance genre. The opening track, “Feel Again,” establishes the mood for the album with its ethereal melodies and driving beats that convey a mix of melancholy and hope. As the album progresses, tracks like “No Fun” and “Human Touch” display Armin‘s unique sound, featuring powerful synths and pulsating rhythms that are sure to get listeners on their feet.

Shadow Symphony” EP – LEVEL UP

Releasing “Shadow Symphony” , the remarkable EP produced by Level Up showcases her skills as an electronic music producer. Including 3 tracks, the EP highlights the artist’s expertise in crafting dynamic and atmospheric soundscapes. The first track off the project, “Karmic Retrobution,” establishes the mood for the EP with its eerie and ominous sound design, immersing the listener in a mysterious and dark world. Through the use of haunting vocals and rhythmic beats, Level Up builds a sense of anticipation and tension that continues throughout the entirey of the EP, crowning her queen of the dark side of EDM.

Up In Smoke” EP – Bear Grillz

Releasing “Up In Smoke“, Bear Grillz’s newest project is a hard-hitting EP that consists of four tracks that showcase the artist’s exceptional skills in creating heavy basslines and gritty soundscapes. The opening track, “Up In Smoke,” immediately sets the tone for the EP with its intense drop and heavy use of distorted bass. The track features an explosive combination of aggressive synths, hard-hitting drums, and a driving tempo that is sure to accelerate any crowd. Other tracks on the EP, including “Stun Gun” and “Smoke Up,” and “Riddim Boi” maintain the same level of energy and intensity. Incorporating dynamic sound design, each track features an explosive drop, menacing basslines, and intricate percussion patterns that cement Bear Grillz as one of the greats.

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