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Stage Hoppers’ Friday Picks – August 20th

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Stage Hoppers’ Friday Picks is back bringing you the hottest new music today. Whether you’re a house music connoisseur or a head-banging bass fanatic, there’s no doubt you will find something for your tastes in today’s list. Let’s get right into it and enjoy the music!

“Almost Home” – Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa

Above & Beyond are back with their first club track of 2021 alongside their old friend Justine Suissa. “Almost Home”  brought a ton of anticipation when the trio teased the track via social media with their three silhouettes and the addition of one new member. Justine Suissa, Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki previously worked together under the name Oceanlab, releasing tracks such as “Sirens of the Sea” and “Another Chance.” The group’s latest track features infectious melodies, energetic synth work, and enchanting vocals. The club mix encapsulates the depth of this epic collaboration.

“Don’t Wanna Let Go” – Taiki Nulight feat. Eloise Keeble

Taiki Nulight brings a melting pot of various genres into his productions. Finding himself influenced by UK Garage, House, Bass and Electronic Dance Music, Taiki Nulight has created a truly recognizable sound of his own. His latest release “Don’t Wanna Let Go,” with songwriter/vocalist Eloise Keeble, is a complete vibe perfect for the dance floor, bringing in his blend of bass house, UK garage, and even techno. “Don’t Wanna Let Go” by Taiki Nulight, featuring Eloise Keeble, becomes another perfect addition to the Night Bass repertoire.

“Kingslayer” – Caster and Ironheart

Kingslayer” brings elements of metal, bass, and psytrance all in one huge epic that feels as if it’s right out of  “Game of Thrones.” Caster and Ironheart take listeners on a cinematic experience through melodic string instrument riffs, devastating drops, and pumping rhythm features. Not only is “Kingslayer” the first collaborative project by Caster and Ironheart, but it is also the first official track by Ironheart. Let’s just say these two young producers are off to an impressive start!

“Don’t Go” – Skrillex with Justin Bieber & Don Toliver

Skrillex brings in Justin Bieber and Don Toliver for latest single “Don’t Go.” Skrillex has been on a streak of collaborative singles including “En Mi Cuarto” with Jhay Cortez, and  “In Da Ghetto” with J Balvin.  “Don’t Go” features Justin Bieber and Don Toliver trading verses over a melancholic groove with interjections of whistle tones, subtle guitar riffs, and muffled vocalizations.  You can also find the trio in a Salomon Ligthelm accompanying music video.

“Never Enough” EP – Disclosure

Disclosure delivers their fifth release of the week, “Another Level,” which completes the duo’s five-track EP Never Enough. The track list: “Never Enough,” “In My Arms,” “Happening,” “Another Level,” and “Seduction” were all released this week, one track a day. The inspiration for this project came from the uncertainty that has swept across the dance music community these past 18 months, and Disclosure wants to reignite the flame of the dance music scene and club culture with this project. Enjoy the full Never Enough EP by Disclosure below!

“When The World Was Happy” – John De Sohn and Inyang Bassey

Swedish DJ/producer John De Sohn teams up with NY singer/songwriter Inyang Bassey for “When the World Was Happy.” This “bittersweet vocal house gem” features uplifting piano chords, bright flute lead, and Bassey’s soulful vocals. This house anthem delivers feel good vibes and brought the best of both artists. “When The World Was Happy” will bring life to audiences as we return to live music.


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*Producers, remember to submit your tracks under the Demo Submission tab to get your own music featured on our website and social media!*

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