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Spirit Bomb Virtual Artist Collective Announces Mint of 4,444 NFTs From Cyborg LV4

by Arad Javaheri
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Virtual Artist collective and record label Spirit Bomb have announced the forthcoming mint of 4,444 NFTs celebrating its most popular virtual being: LV4. This virtual artist NFT project gives holders a singular opportunity, to have a say in the creative direction LV4 takes as well as a stake in future success of the artist.

Spirit Bomb is the brainchild of Strangeloop Studios, the digital artist studio that created The Weeknd’s NFT, and for over two decades has designed the original content for the stage shows of Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Flying Lotus, Pharrell, SZA, Bonobo and more. Their recent collaborations include Lil Nas X’s Grammy performance and Coachella shows for Denzel Curry, 100 Gecs and TOKiMONSTA. Strangeloop Studios was also recently selected to create the 4th drop on ApeDrops.xyz, the new NFT platform from the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s ApeCoinDAO, which has so far included limited drops from Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.

LV4 is part of the Spirit Bomb virtual artist collective, who herald from a future where things have not gone well for humans. LV4’s mission is to set humanity on the right course by positively impacting culture, and encouraging creative cooperation. To do this, he has selflessly offered to expose his innermost creative consciousness to the human population. The “Metapass” is the ticket to plug in to LV4.

Those who hold an Spirt Bomb Metapass NFT will be among the first people to hold sway over LV’s creative switchboard, enabling them to help guide his journey, music, potential collaborators, and even his look. The Spirit Bomb Metapass highlights the unique ability of virtual artists to break down the traditional barriers between fan communities and artists.

The “Metapass Mint” is the studio’s first major independent Web3 project, which, given its long standing history of bridging the gap between music, technology and art, and the Metapass’ real world utility, is sure to be one of the closely watched mints this Spring.

Beyond being creative stakeholders, Spirit Bomb’s Metapass community will also share in LV4’s future success, since the token supply will be limited to the original 4444 minted NFTs. More than just a pass to LV4’s world, holders will get to go behind-the-scenes with Strangeloop Studios on their upcoming and future projects, and receive access to exclusive content, a token-gated Discord, exclusive ticket sales for live events, merch, and more.

LV4, and all the artists of Spirit Bomb are fundamentally collaborative. They aren’t controlled by AI and they’re not avatars for individual IRL artists. They’re brought to life through multiple creatives working in concert. In order to decentralize the Spirit Bomb artists and reward an ever-growing group of contributors, Spirit Bomb is building upon web3 architecture and tools (such as DAOs and smart contracts) to fundamentally stake the creative community in the success of the characters.

Collaborations between Spirit Bomb and IRL artists have included Mr Carmack, The Glitch Mob, Zeds Dead, Flying Lotus, Huxley Anne, Sweater Beats, Two Fresh, and Salva.

Stay tuned for further details on mint date via OpenSea from the Spirit Bomb Discord.

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