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Ren Zukii Debuts Exclusively on WAKAAN with ‘Monarch’ EP

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Ren Zukii joins the ranks of WAKAAN with undeniable presence in her reigning EP, Monarch. The experimental bass producer is a serious addition to the esteemed label with her introspective and unorthodox approach. Monarch sonically translates to a vehement body of work, cohesively spiraling through a number of interchangeable genres. Featuring four solo tracks, the EP presents a cutting edge, euphoric body of work. 

Ren Zukii introduces the EP with “Deadmen,” a menacing motif that transforms into full-force experimental bass destruction. Then, demonstrates her penetrating sound design in “Monarch” with sharp synth-work and explosive percussive elements. “Reign” emerges from the depths into a sinister drum & bass heater while “Solomon” concludes the journey with sultry synths, striking bass lines and fragmented DNB grooves. 

Ren Zukii

Ren Zukii Press Photo

Regarding the extensive debut, Ren Zukii shares:

“The Monarch EP is a culmination of 6 years of my journey in music. I realized I could never really just write one style of music so I set off to combine everything I love about the experimental bass music scene. A lot of the inspiration for this EP came from listening to a lot of metal and watching Quentin Tarantino movies. It’s chaotic, emotional and visceral and is the first of many to come.”

Monarch EP by Ren Zukii was released on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, via WAKAAN.

More about Ren Zukii:

Ren Zukii is the production moniker of 26 year old West Australian experimental bass music producer Rene Snow. Ren grew up in the scenic surfing town of Margret River on the south coast of Western Australia where she was introduced to drum & bass at age 12, then later learned to DJ when she turned 18. Ren continued to pursue her passion for electronic music by enrolling to study at the SAE institute when she was 21 and subsequently began producing her own unique style of experimental bass music. Ren Zukii’s music draws influences from the likes of IvyLab, Eprom, Alix Perez and Flying Lotus.

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Press Release provided by WAKAAN.

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