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Ravenscoon and Noise Pollution turn up the “Speakaz” on WAKAAN

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Ravenscoon and Noise Pollution unite on their all out single “Speakaz,” leaving no sound system safe! Following his previous WAKAAN releases of “Revolve,” “Getcha Movin’,” and “FUN & GAMES,” Ravenscoon rides the wave of success while establishing himself as an unstoppable force in the electronic music community.

For “Speakaz,” Ravenscoon and Noise Pollution concoct a homage to the core of drumstep; a fusion of traditional dubstep with drum and bass. The invigorating intro materializes via mesmerizing synth pulsations that erupt towards the bumping bass vibes. Propelling bass lines and halftime beats mix with hypnotic and intensifying sound design, which fashion a full throttle ahead hit. Ravenscoon and Noise Pollution hold listeners in their power with tension-inducing, high energy drops throughout the arrangement. “Speakaz” also marks Noise Pollution’s first official release in a year, prompting the bass duo to come out swinging with a dominating drumstep anthem perfectly designed for live events.

Ravenscoon adds:

“Personally, I feel very proud of this song – which we designed to open sets with. When you try to come up with a massive intro song you have to make sure that there is something that sets the tone and expectation of what is to come, and it must be followed by a chorus that pays it off. With Speakaz, we have both of those elements – ensuring that this will be a mainstay in Ravenscoon sets to come.”

”Speakaz” by Ravenscoon and Noise Pollution was released on Friday, April 8th, 2022, via WAKAAN.

More About Ravenscoon:

Paul Conversano, aka Ravenscoon, is an electronic music producer & DJ from San Francisco, California, who combines influences of death metal, hip-hop, and punk rock with experimental bass music.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, his unique flair of southern roots compliment pulsating dream-like bass lines and psychedelic arpeggios to create something uniquely fresh yet also familiarly nostalgic. His passion and love for electronic music are present in both his original songs and his wildly popular mixtape series. No genre goes untouched – from dubstep, trance, rap, trap, drum & bass, halftime, psytrance, and more – each Ravenscoon live set is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

From sold-out headlining shows to supporting industry-leading bass music acts – Ravenscoon has made a statement that he’s just getting started.

More About Noise Pollution:

Noise Pollution is a bass music duo focused on bringing in a huge span of frequencies across multiple genres. While their music often consists of progressive melodies and maintaining heavy driving baselines, Hunter and Alex love to “genre bend” mixing and mashing some of the most unthinkable combinations while behind the decks. With influence from hip-hip, metal, dubstep, alternative, and classical music they aim to take their listeners on a complete journey.

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