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Marshmello Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions by WIRED

by Arad Javaheri
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The DJ that has taken over the world like wildfire sits down with WIRED to answer the web’s most searched questions.

How does Marshmello breathe?

“When i talk a lot it gets harder and harder to breathe. it is a struggle sometimes but on stage. i just think i have so much adrenaline that i don’t even notice it till i get off and I’m on the ground catching my breath.”

How to book Marshmello?

“Hit up my booking agent and he can set something up.”

How to be like Marshmello?

well, that’s the great thing you can make a helmet, buy a helmet during Halloween at spirit Halloween. Buy some of the websites or make your own. Some people when they make their own its better than mine.


How to dance like Marshmello?

I don’t really consider myself a  dancer. Anytime you have seen me dance it’s because I’m just in the vibe and everything. Dance however you want. no rhyme or reason, just dance.

Is Marshmello a celebrity?

Sometimes I feel like a celebrity. and there’s sometimes where I’m just kinda like.. It’s hard to grasp everything that’s going on. I just take it for what it is and try to have a good time.

Is Marshmello the best DJ in the world?

I try to put on good shows and I know a lot of amazing DJs also that are really good friends that are really big and I know a lot of amazing DJs that are smaller I would say I can’t classify myself as the best, best DJ.

Does Marshmello improvise live?

In certain situations, mostly club settings ill improvise. It’s a little tougher for the live shows for the festivals because we have a whole show choreographed to certain songs. I’ll improvise maybe a little bit here and there, but mostly in vegas, every single time is different. It all depends on if crowds are feeling house, rap, or trap

Does Marshmello use Ableton?

I do. I’ve been using Ableton for 11 years.

Does Marshmello write his own lyrics?

For the songs that I sing on, I write my own lyrics. I try to help. I always joke with writers and artists in the studio that i suck at writing lyrics. I’m just really good with melodies and production.

What made Marshemllo famous?

my first song, Alone, that I put out. we did this music video and the music video took off and ever since that point it’s been up from there.

What is Marshmello best song?

My best performing song is Happier. So if i had to answer I would say my song Happier with Bastille.

When did Marshmello start making music?

Probably when I was 13 or 14 on garage band.

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