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Maor Levi delivers High Energy with “Save the Last Trance

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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On June 23rd, established global artist and producer Maor Levi, released his latest track “Save the Last Trance,” via Anjunabeats. It had been two years since his last release with Anjunabeats, but well worth the wait.

“Save the Last Trance,” a clear hard trance track greets listeners with the full driving force of a bass line that will get anyone up and moving.  Fans of long breakdowns that build tension will fall in love as Maor Levi delivers exactly that. The listeners’ ears are brought in by the ethereal reverb vocals that echo “save me” in the soundscape. The lyrics “Save the Last Trance” slowly fade away and bright synth plucks take control of the groove supported by long gliding synth work underneath the texture. A syncopated melody composed of short vocal chops begins to take the forefront, accompanied by percussion elements that increase the tension for the long awaited resolution brought back in by the shimmering synth work and full force of the bass with the kick drum as the subtle heartbeat of this track.

I truly recommended listening to the extended mix of “Save the Last Trance” in order to become fully immersed in the trance created by Maor Levi. Have a listen below.

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