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MAB Delivers Nostalgic House Vibes with “Old Times”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Fresh new producer MAB releases nostalgic dance vibes with “Old Times” for first record label release via Swerve Collection Creations.

Fellow Stage Hoppers, let’s dig in to some fresh new music from an up and coming artist!

Momin Ali Baqi Awan, aka MAB, is a 20-year-old producer.  Currently residing in Chicago for university, he originally hails from Pakistan. After dabbling in music for two years, MAB ventured into the realms of tutoring music production.  Although MAB is a young producer, he has already garnered support from artists like Castion, Jack Astro, Rudeejay, Bonkr, Aspyer, and many more.

MAB’s sound ventures across the genre spectrum as elements of Future House, Deep House, and Progressive House are apparent in his mixes. MAB’s releases truly conjure up a unique blend of danceability that is perfect for any mainstream playlist.

MAB’s recent release, “Old Times,” becomes his first record label release, and is a wonderful start for the young producer. Delivering progressive house with hints of deep house, MAB’s production is executed precisely. An evolving poignant synth introduces the track and is shortly followed by arpeggiated synths that slowly ramp up the momentum. Calming and graceful vocals enter the elegant soundscape as MAB prepares the listener for the whats to come.  A large resonant bass line fills the space as percussive elements push the infectious dance groove. MAB allows the vocals to soar over the powerful bass, dynamic kick, and arpeggiated plucks. MAB creates subtle movement highlighting new elements throughout the track to keep the listener engaged. “Old Times’ is a perfect addition to dance the night away as summer comes to an end.

In regards to his latest track “Old Times,” MAB states:

“This track has a deep nostalgic vibe. It talks about missing your old times. Every person misses their good old days and wants to bring them back. With Covid-19 making life difficult for people, this track can relate to many because everyone wants to re-live their nostalgic moments!”

“Old Times” by MAB was released on August 4th via Swerve Collection Creations.

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