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LUZCID wraps up the year with ILLUSIONS EP via WAKAAN

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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LUZCID wraps up 2022 with Illusions, Pt. 1, out now via WAKAAN. The five track EP features a wide range of genres, colors, and textures. First, “Heartbeat” kicks off the EP as a collaboration with DJ, producer, and performer Ahee and vocalist Misdom. The pop-influenced spectral groover then flows into “Goodbye,” a ballad that seizes the sonic space with propulsive beats, alongside Crystalline. Next, “Hear Me” and “Funk It Up” display LUZCID’s versatility and exploratory vision in the realm of freeform bass music. Lastly, LUZCID concludes Illusions with the mystically calming nature of “Sun Showers.

In regards to the inspiration behind the EP, LUZCID shares:

For the Illusions EP I wanted to get back to my roots musically. I started this EP by first making a playlist of all of the songs that initially got me interested in being a producer. A lot of the classics from 2009-2012 fueled the creativity for Illusions. The concept of Illusions came from the idea that depending on how you consume art you may perceive it entirely different from someone else, much like looking at optical illusions. This gave me the idea to incorporate auditory illusions into this two part EP. I think this EP is full of songs that satisfy several different ‘purposes’ for why we listen to music. Whether it is to get pumped up or to chill out or to get completely lost in thought I believe ‘ILLUSIONS’ has something for everyone.

This year, LUZCID has brought his psychedelic bass to festivals such as Sol Fest, Imagine Music Festival, WAKAAN Music Festival, and more. Now, he gears up for ILLUSIONS [Part 2] and a tour on sale November 18th.  Check out dates below!

Additionally we are bringing ILLUSIONS on the road in a full US tour! I am working with my buddy DATABYTE to bring a special new visual experience that will bring the music from the LUZCID project alive like never before. If you are a fan of the story / psychedelic journey side of dance music this tour was made for you! I have been working on this project for over a year and am beyond proud to finally present it to you all! I hope you enjoy ‘ILLUSIONS.’ – LUZCID

Illusions Tour

More about LUZCID

LUZCID’s music is a sonic odyssey: a series of auditory adventures in which the participants completely escape time and space. Though firmly grounded in the bass world, LUZCID meticulously eludes genres in order to welcome a variety of enthusiasts to gather and celebrate the rewards of community. Now, he hopes music can become a platform in which the peoples of our world can reconnect and begin to restore our home to a place in which we all enjoy living


LUZCID has headlined several nationwide tours and continues to spread his wings traveling bringing his music to all corners. Although his productions stand wholly on their own, LUZCID has shown that he is an artist you need to experience live, weaving a sonic tapestry of sensorial wonder through his hip hop-esque, expansive, psychedelic bass music. Continuously, LUZCID moves ever forward bringing his music and its message of hope and interconnectivity to the world at large. Come dream with LUZCID…


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