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Liquid Stranger Debuts on SSKWAN Label with LUZCID on new downtempo track “Snow Melt”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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With the WAKAAN record label anchoring itself in the dubstep and bass music community, Liquid Stranger announced in his 2019 WAKAAN festival live set that he would pioneer a new record label to promote downtempo and experimental music.

Since its inception, the new label, entitled SSKWAN, has featured releases from Au5, LUZCID, and many more, however Liquid Stranger has yet to release an original track under SSKWAN, until now.

In his SSKWAN debut, Liquid Stranger has teamed up with LUZCID to release“Snow Melt,” a slow burn downtempo track developed as the two producers were isolated during a snowstorm. The track begins with the running water samples that continue throughout the track creating an illusion of snow melting. This a true “slow burn” track that traps listeners in the hypnotic state created by the scattered percussive elements and a wide bass line that echoes in the atmosphere. One poignant synth acts as a gentle melodic riff to guide the listener through their trance. Lastly, listeners receive the feeling of reaching  “light at the end of the tunnel” as the water illusion close the track.

“Snow Melt” strays away from the sound that Liquid Stranger and LUZCID are known for, however, this track and new label showcase their skills and desire to continue to develop within the music industry as already well-established artists.

Close your eyes and fall into the enchantment that is “Snow Melt” by Liquid Stranger and LUZCID, released on July 8th, 2021.

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