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LA Goes Underground With I Hate Models

by Eric Thias
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I Hate Models brings his signature sound to Exchange Nightclub in downtown LA on November 12th. Home of all things techno, Factory 93 will host the french producer for a dark intense night. If there is anyway to capture his work in a single word it would be unconventional. I Hate Models is singlehandedly evolving a sound we haven’t heard since the 90s scene and twisting it into something we couldn’t have imagined.

I Hate Models Live

Defying the norms and standards of today’s expectations he performs in a lane of his own. Nevertheless, catching a live set from him is truly an experience to behold. When operating on the decks the scope of emotions induced are enough to leave fans bewildered. Passionate, painful, euphoric, brutal, include the array of moods and feelings conveyed through his sound and performances. I Hate Models’s music is fast, hard hitting, and unforgiving. When presented in front of you his sets bring you deep under the surface world into the abyss of industrial techno. His live performances harbor a juxtaposition between good and evil. As dark and demented as it may seem, it a space truly safe for total freedom within self identity and creative expression. I Hate Models embodies all things underground and punk that have been staples of rave culture since the early 90s.

People who see him live go to leave can expect to leave all inhibitions at the door. The dance floor becomes a place of therapy and acceptance as  a total break from the pressures of societal norms. I Hate Models music gives fans an insight on the deeply layered and multifaceted individual he is. Simultaneously, as strongly representative of his own self identity his sound is, it fosters a chance for individual self discovery as a fan. Often times when people walk away back to the real world after seeing him live they leave deeply impacted.

New Music From I Hate Models

As founder and head of his label Disco Inferno I Hate Models is providing no shortage of hot new music. This past month the producer unveiled the release of his new remix of the El Columpio Asesino song, “Toro.” This single is a sped up version of the European indie/alternative band’s hit song with powerful techno touch.

Exchange LA Full Line Up

The iconic techno producer will be joined that night by powerhouses Sara Landry and Declan James. As no stranger to the acid techno sound, Landry has made her name known all around the world in clubs and venues. Performing this summer at some of the hottest festivals in Europe we can expect her to open the decks for an unforgettable night. Similarly, the rising star himself Declan James knows exactly how to bring the energy to his live performances. These artists are not one to hold back and will surely assist I Hate Models in giving fans a one of a kind experience.

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