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Imagine Music Festival 2023: Must See Artists

by Babs_Lyfe
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Imagine Music is Back this September 14-17 in Rome, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. The Festival will be in its second year at the beautiful Kingston Down venue which is over 5000. Acres that in nestled along the Etowah River and use to be the location of Tomorrowland, USA. Last year when I attended the festival for my 2nd time I was on awe at the space and room for expansion that this festival can utilize going. Into year 2 and beyond at this location. I am eager to dive back into the aquatic themed festival that Is bringing a stacked lineup loaded with some of the best Back to backs. Now let’s dive into the best sets to check out over your weekend in imagine. 


Following the first ever Subtronics b2b Excision at Bass Canyon, Imagine will host the first EVER Subtronics b2b Ganja White Night. The Two artists have collaborated before on their song “Womp Portal” that sent shockwaves through the bass music scene. This Set is sure to bring festival goers a wide range of wonky sounds, unexpected double drops, and ear tickling bass that these artist are known for bringing in their individual sets. 


On Day One of the Festival Imagine is bringing not 1, but 2 FIRST EVER B2B that are sure to break some necks. NGHTMRE & DIESEL have worked together on tracks such as BANG! And NGHTMRE has been one of the main big name DJs that had originally worked with SHAQ when he restarted his dubstep DJ Career. I am excited to see these two blend each of their own sounds into one set and we can expect unique bass and trap edits that will have their own contagious energy to make this one of the most exhilarating sets of the weekend. 


Slander is known for their heavy festival sets and melodic songs that make the heart ache, but the DJ duo has turned a new page with their Before Dawn Sets. As the Motto for these sets goes “its darkest before dawn” and they certain bring a new techno. Sound that is meant for the night crowd. Find what stage they are playing late in the night and be ready to get down and dirty to some of their unique techno sounds. 


Svdden Death is known for his Voyd Set production that focuses on deception and confusion with acts of levitation and dark colored visuals, his Inferno Sets bring a certain light to his usual production by going all out on the pyrotechnics that a festival can allow. The Main reason I have this set on my list is that he has announced it has the final INFERNO Set to every happen as he turns his attention to continuing the void project and his numerous events. Be ready for the heaviest ridden and dubstep drops accompanied by a spectacle of fire that you won’t want to miss. 


Switching it up a bit for my final pick, I would without a doubt attend the party kings, John Summits set. John Summit is one of the hottest artists in all of edm right now and he will for sure bring the good vibes and house tracks to Imagine this year. John Summit is known for his upbeat house tunes and melodies, but don’t let ir fool you, he has been known to throw in a bass track or two and you will not want to miss it. 

Stage Hoppers, I could go on and on about the other great artists on this lineup but make sure to check out the full lineup on the link below. Grab your tickets and get ready to dance all night under the Imagine Music Festival Sky!

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