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HARD Summer 2021 – Five Bass Artists to Check Out

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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HARD Summer Music Festival 2021 is jam-packed with top tier performances for Saturday, July 31st, and Sunday, August 1st.  With a new venue, NOS Events Center, and whole year without the festival, the anticipation has been building for fans of the SoCal festival. Attendees will have no trouble finding performances that suit their needs with the multitude of artists from various genres performing throughout the weekend. 


Let’s take a quick tour of several bass artists you don’t want to miss at Hard Summer 2021!



Let’s kick off this tour with the Sydney, Australia based dj and producer, SIPPY. A true bass music machine, she is known for her “gut-rattling seizure-inducing sounds” that capture audiences around the world. SIPPY has had a meteoritic rise and shows no sign of slowing down. From residencies at Chinese Laundry and The World Bar, becoming a graduate from the famous ICON Collective Music Production School, releasing her original single with the Deadbeats label, all the way to her 2021 latest release “Going Insane,” SIPPY is a dominant force in the world of bass music. She is sure to deliver an amazing performance!



Adding another powerhouse female producer to the list, WHIPPED CREAM, is known for her “limitless” music that transcends across genres. WHIPPED CREAM entered the scene in 2015, but in 2017, with the release of her Persistence EP, she began gaining momentum. Her hit single of the EP “Ignorant” has received millions of plays and recognition from some of the biggest players in electronic music. WHIPPED CREAM’s authenticity and persona truly set her apart and draw audiences in to her success. We can’t wait to see what she brings to her HARD Summer set!



The definition of relationship goals is this EDM couple known as ARIUS. Matt and Tessa met at EDC in 2010 and since then have shared their passion for music. In 2013, the couple began producing tracks in order to bring their love to the stage. What to expect at an ARIUS set? From hard hitting bass tracks like “What I Need” with Akylla, to beautifully emotional melodic tracks such as “CRAZY FOR FALLING” alongside My Bad, and Isaiah Brown, ARIUS take audiences on a journey through love, passion, and dubstep! ARIUS’ set will be a guaranteed hit as they know how to throw a party.


Bleep Bloop

Looking for more variety to your festival list? Look no more as you experience the aggressive, bass-heavy beats, and  “off-the-wall” sound design of Bleep Bloop. Stumbling upon his unique style, you will find a blend of genres built into a low frequency style meant for festival speakers. Bleep Bloop has earned support from artists such as 12th Plant, Boyz Noize, G Jones, and DJ Craze. “Angular, brutal and barbed with a bass tongue that tickles with both a west coast and UK twang, it’s the sound Bleep Bloop has been cooking since he was first baptized by bass” -Dave Jenkins, UKF.

Hex Cougar

“Hailing from the urban jungles of greater Los Angeles,” Hex Cougar utilizes his experience to craft twisted soundscapes that are both menacing and beautiful.  With tracks like “Aubade,” Hex Cougar showcases his blend of musical talents. Starting his label Alter/Ego in 2020, Hex Cougar has offered newcomers to the scene a place for their music to flourish. His most recent release was a four-track EP titled Genesis in which he collaborated with Pauline Herr, So Sus, and Sejo. Hex Cougar is sure to deliver an amazing Hard Summer 2021 set for any fan of bass!


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Cover Photo Credit: rukes.com

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