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Gurf | Artist Spotlight

by Arad Javaheri
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About Gurf

Currently based in between Baltimore and Washington DC, Gurf is a unique producer/DJ that brings a refreshing twist to your average club night or festival lineup. By throwing down the ideal blend of wonky rhythms, trap bangers and his original, hip-hop influenced grooves, Gurf is guaranteed to light up the party.

Gurf’s journey with music started at an early age, through practicing and studying jazz drums and symphonic percussion. Eventually, his passion for rhythm translated into hip-hop and electronic music production. After years of producing beats for rappers, developing his sound, and DJing house parties, Gurf has crafted a sound that is unique to him as a musician and performer, comprised of rolling drum lines, snappy percussion, and catchy melodic elements with latin/jazz influence. In 2019, Gurf is ready to hit the festival circuit full-force, and has already scored slots on some amazing shows, sharing his original music with the community and spreading the love.

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