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Flux Pavilion Leaving Dubstep & Reddit AMA

by Arad Javaheri
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Flux Pavilion has dropped a lot of news on us this year. From his announcement of leaving his signature dubstep sounds, to .WAV his new album, and best of all becoming a dad this year. Flux’s music inspired a generation of dance music fans to step into the scene. The roars of I Can’t Stop still echo throughout the festival scene and of course the unforgettable sample of the song by Kanye & Jay-z.

2021 marks a new beginning for Flux Pavilion and what better way to answer all of our questions than a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Here are some of our favorite questions are responses.

What has Flux Pavilion been up to during lockdown?

Been writing a fuck load of music basically. Also, I’ve been getting really into fishing as it’s basically the only thing you can still do. I started tying my own flies a few months ago too which is pretty fun. I want to invent my own fly one day and seduce some fish with it

Hey man, your stuff from +- 10 years ago was some of the first electronic music I listened to! Long time fan! What about your own musical taste has changed over the years?

I’m so much more keen on subtlety than I used to be. I was always looking for impact in my music, ut now it feels like I’m finding it in completely different places. a slight wrong note or little tiny moment of distortion can go a long way in creating an atmosphere that I never used to notice.

How come you stopped producing dubstep?

it just became a massive limitation to my writing, imagine being a chef but only making one dish, for a while its fun to see how explorative you can get in your recipes but after 10 years you end up feeling like you’ve done it all. I hardly ever made proper dubstep anyway, i always thought of myself as making dancefloor hip hop.

Where and when did the idea of the name “Flux Pavilion” come from?

Flux – the flow or rate of electricity

Pavilion – a place where entertainment takes place

Doctor P came up with it when we were 15

Tell us a funny story with Jon (Feed Me) that we haven’t heard before!! Love you both and love Survive and the album as a whole <3

reading that question I instantly thought of so many stories, but each one ends in us getting up to no good. It seems unwise to share them publicly haha. his manager once punched me in the face because I covered him in soil


What is the weirdest thing you’ve encountered while playing a show?

I once had to get a guy into the backstage area because he looked so much like me people wouldn’t leave him alone.


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