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Flume’s “Arrived Anxious, Left Bored”: An Electrifying Compilation of Unreleased Gems

by Connor Smith
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Flume’s latest project, “Arrived Anxious, Left Bored”, is a welcomed surprise release consisting of ten previously unreleased tracks that showcase the Australian producer’s bold and innovative approach to future bass music. Listeners can explore Flume‘s sonic world through the eight solo tracks and two collaborations with Jim-E Stack and Emile Haynie that make up the album. While some of these tracks may have missed out on inclusion on Flume‘s Grammy-winning “Skin” or his critically acclaimed “Hi This Is Flume” mixtape, they are a testament to his artistic vision and demonstrate why he is regarded as one of the most exciting producers in the electronic music scene today. The album’s release comes just days before Flume‘s highly anticipated “10 Years of Flume” performance at the Kia Forum, where fans can expect to hear some of these new tracks alongside classics from Flume‘s illustrious career.


In his latest release, Flume provides a thrilling experience that is sure to leave listeners enthralled. As mentioned before, his collaborative efforts with two high-profile producers Jim-E Stack and Emile Haynie along with the daring attempt at the use of his own vocals in “All There 1.9 [2019 Export Wav]” truly showcase Flume‘s fearless approach to sound design.

As we eagerly anticipate his upcoming “10 Years of Flume” performance, we can’t help but feel excited about what other groundbreaking music he has in store for us. With his bold audio production choices and unwavering commitment to artistic experimentation, Flume continues to push the envelope and inspire a new generation of electronic music producers. One thing is for sure: the future of music is in good hands with Flume at the helm.

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