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First External Release on Rezz’s Label: HypnoVizion

by Nadia Khan
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Last month, REZZ launched her own record label, HypnoVizion, and today, she invites her long-time friend and collaborator from 2014, Isqua, to be the first  HypnoVizion release aside from her own. Isqa’s EP, i 4ove you, is an ambitious return to the DJ & producer’s roots in experimental bass music. 


The SoCal native, Isqa (Jordan Orcaz), first adopted the name in 2013 with the release of a 10-track debut album titled Tetraform. A handful of EPs on DUSTLA, remixes, and independent releases followed before he decided to shift gears and focus on a new project: No Mana. This showed Isqa’s transitions from the left-field sound to productions revolving around melodies, vocals and dance-centric rhythms. 


Photo credit: @bubby.exe


REZZ and I became friends in 2014 when she shot me a message on SoundCloud – which is a trip to go back and read considering how far she’s gone (she was 10 months into producing when we started talking). At the time, I was transitioning into mainly making music as No Mana, but I owe it to her for supporting my weird side in her sets and inspiring me to restart the project again.” – isqa


After REZZ offered a subtle comeback message by playing his old track, “Ghosts”, at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2022, Isqa gained back the eyes and support from from many listeners and bass music-oriented colleagues. He spent the following 5 months producing a 30-minute audio-visual project called, “i should’ve been dead,” to premiere new music under the Isqa title and continued to build up a catalog of unreleased tracks before joining HypnoVizion for the release of ‘i 4ove you.’



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