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Enamour releases two track “Blue Rose / Red Room”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Enamour has established himself at the forefront of electronic dance music with his eclectic repertoire. From his deep house dreamscapes, to his powerful techno beats, Enamour continues to evolve his sound, which appears to have no boundaries. This talented and meticulous producer continues his rise in the dance music scene with his latest release “Blue Rose / Red Room.”

The two-track offering of “Blue Rose / Red Room” explores the atmosphere of melodic house and techno. “Blue Rose”  begins with an almost tribalistic groove that evolves with glistening pads. The upper synth melody and stabs modulate rhythmically as the subtle groove and pads continue to rise and fall throughout the track. “Red Room” opens the door with a rolling bass, airy vocal features, and reverberating synth stabs. The more techno-centric track pulls the listener into an ethereal yet momentous atmosphere. Both track are perfect for any club’s sound system.

“Βlue Rose / Red Room”by Enamour was released on Friday, January 14th, 2022, via Factory 93.

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