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EDC Las Vegas Moves to October

by Arad Javaheri
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It was almost too good to be true. As excitement built and we were an arms reach away from being welcomed back to the festival world with the world’s biggest festival EDC’s Las Vegas. Pasquale Rotella announced yesterday on 4/20 that the event will no longer take place in May and will be moved to October Oct 22-24.

With over 40 trucks on route to the speedway and construction already underway, and a full lineup organized EDC was on track for May. The unforeseen iceberg that sunk the ship was the passing of a reopening plan by Clark County (home of EDC & the Las Vegas Motor Speedway) that requires 60% of their residents to be vaccinated before restrictions over large-scale gatherings such as EDC can be lifted.

What happens to your May 2021 EDC Las Vegas ticket?

All tickers will be automatically transferred to Oct 2021 or you have the option to receive a refund.

Already transferred your ticket to May 2022 but like to switch it to Oct 2021?

Look out for an email from Insomniac that will allow you to switch your ticket to Oct 2021.

As discussed on Stage Hoppers Discuss(How EDC Las Vegas in May Can Look Like), a May 2021 EDC had the potential to be a disaster for the festival scene. EDC is three to five times bigger than most festivals being planned for Summer/Fall. With a 150,000 person capacity, news networks around the country would have a field day shaming the industry with the event had a single outbreak. This could have caused all other festivals to be forced to cancel due to public outcry. As excited as we were for a May event, we plan for a safer experience in October.

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