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Dr. Fresch and Mina Knock Collaborate on “Timeless”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Dr. Fresch collaborates with Mina Knock on latest track “Timeless,” released via his very own House Call Records.

The renowned artist Tony Fresch, aka Dr. Fresch, is back at it again with non-stop hits, this time along with Los Angeles rapper Mina Knock. “Timeless,” which is released through Dr. Fresch’s own House Call Records, commands attention. A dreamy piano chord progression sets the atmosphere before the resounding bass, and crisp drums kick in. Mina Knock finds ease flowing over the production that highlights his own style gracefully. The real treat from this track comes with the thumping and infectious chorus/hook. The energy picks up with a powerful dominating kick pulsating the beat along with the more active bass. Mina Knock’s vocals pair perfectly with the style of Dr. Fresch, as we see in “Timeless” and their previous collaborative track “Feedback,” off Dr. Fresch’s 2018 No Introduction EP.

“Timeless” by Dr. Fresch and Mina Knock was released Friday, September 17th, 2021, via House Call Records.

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