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Delyrium releases expansive genre-bending “Verdict” VIP

by Nicholas Lorenzo

For the first time on the Stage Hoppers’ Music Blog, we have Delyrium with his brand new “Verdict” VIP release. Previously out on Bass Planet Collective‘s. SYZYGY 02 compilation, “Verdict” has now undergone an extensive transformation. In this VIP edition, Delyrium does not hold back with his genre-bending style. The track ventures through cinematic atmospheres, intense dubstep drops, and even orchestral music styles.

The shifts between styles appear effortlessly through the modulating synth-work, meticulous sound design, and dense arrangement. Delyrium also includes an unforgiving drum & bass second drop while incorporating midtempo bass and heavy metal to close out the immense “Verdict” VIP.

Regarding the release, Delyrium tells us:

“I was experimenting with the drop of my song “Verdict“ which was released on Bass Planet Collective last year and I was pretty happy how it turned out, so I decided to do a VIP.  Since the original song was quite experimental with its faster Midtempo second drop and its orchestral style mid section I decided to forget all the rules and ended up with this way too  long track of varying styles. The ableton project file ended up having over 600 tracks!”

“Verdict VIP” by Delyrium was released on Friday, May 27, 2022

Listen HERE

More about Delyrium

Delyrium fuses cinematic and orchestral elements with his electronic dance music production. Hailing from Germany, Delyrium sees no bounds with genres and does not hesitate to break rules and combine influences. In his productions, he focuses on non-drop sections, as to deliver engaging arrangements for listeners to “break away from skip-to-the-drop-dubstep.”

Combining his ability to write music from a conventional perspective with modern sound design, Delyrium entered the scene with his release of “Verdict” on Bass Planet in 2021. The young producer also created the intro and opener track for Full Flex Audio‘s “Sui Generis V.5,” and is now looking to expand into the trailer music industry, launching  his cinematic project “Arkanum,” this year.

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Delyrium May 27, 2022 - 4:35 am

Thank you so much for supporting this release!

EDEXY May 27, 2022 - 9:01 am

So proud of you, my man!


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