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Zeds Dead Presents: Deadbeats Tour Chicago Review

by Connor Smith
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Stage Hoppers spent this past weekend in the city of Chicago where the Deadbeats crew was welcomed for their last stop of their annual tour. All that are familiar with Deadbeats know that their label is brimming with undeniable talent, packed with a diverse range of dubstep and DnB artists that thrive on originality. Looking to put an exclamation point on their finale, every aspect from production to the music was abundantly pleasurable, completing their intoxicating tour on a memorable high note sure to be remembered as the highlight of their fan’s year.

Lineup: Night One

On night one of the two-day event, producers HEYZ and ROSSY delivered high energy sets comprised of somber sounds and anthem like drum and bass. Following, the United Kingdom Dj DNMO continued to enliven the crowd as he pumped the venue full of upbeat tracks that had the excited the masses as they swayed in unison.

Producer Dirt Monkey created a setlist comprised of both breakneck bass and up-tempo dubstep that electrified the crowd as the sound erupted from the speakers. Combined with his psychedelic visuals, the set was brimming with originality from start to finish.

The legendary duo Zeds Dead took the stage with high expectations from their audience as their support left them awestruck. Opening with their fan favorite “Ecstasy of Soul”, Zeds Dead prepared their spectators for a remarkable performance. Riddled with their career classics, their first night’s setlist leaned toward the drum and bass side of their sound with hard hitting dubstep tracks hidden throughout. As their set came to a close, Zeds Dead hinted that the following night they were “going dark”, translating to dubstep fans as a night of low bass and heavy drops.


Lineup: Night Two

On the second night of the event, producers TINYKVT and TWONSKi allocated sets with vigorous melodies, filling their observers with an impressive overtone of joy and happiness. As the night raged on, Dj IMANU continued the drum and bass trend with an animated performance engulfing the crowd as each track played on.

Producer Blanke endowed drum and bass enthusists as he presented AEON: MODE, a specially designed project that encompasses a shift in DnB sound. Utilizing his voice on a few tracks, the overall performance between the visuals and music was astonishing to say the least.

Zeds Dead returned to the stage in full “dark mode”. From beginning to end, the floor of the venue was rumbling as the sound reverberated through the speakers. Heavy bass entered and exited the bodies of patrons, leaving them with the recognizable “bass face” as each track played on. Playing new releases such as Yookie’s “Iron Man” and the hardest version of their classic “Collapse” I’ve ever experienced, the set balanced the two nights perfectly, giving both drum and bass fans and dubstep connoisseurs exactly what they had hoped for.



Officially opening in 1926, the Aragon Ballroom is a staple for live music and entertainment in the city of Chicago. Purchased by Live Nation in 2017, the venue has a beautifully historic element to its design. With a grand stairway the leads to the stage on the second floor, it feels as though you are experiencing authentic architecture every step of the way. A beautiful star-scape paints the ceiling, providing the audience with the perception that they’re looking out into the universe every time they gaze up at the ceiling. The acoustics are perfect for EDM events, allowing fans to hear tracks and feel the bass from the front rail to the back of the venue.


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