Home » Datsik’s Apology Reaction, The Fall of the Berlin Wall and Rise of Techno, A Chat with Deanna – Founder & CEO of Beyond Dope, and more | Ep. 38

Welcome to Episode 38! This week’s topics include Alec’s experience seeing Chris Lorenzo in San Francisco, our thoughts on Datsik’s apology, and how the fall of the Berlin Wall created Berlin’s famed techno scene. We also had the honor of speaking with Deanna – the Founder and CEO of Beyond Dope. She delves into the amazing work that Beyond Dope is doing for raising awareness around addiction problems, harm reduction strategies, and moderation training.

We discuss new music from the likes of Talkre, Koos, Vily Vinilo, Camelphat, Louis the Child, Bonnie x Clyde, Nora En Pure Remix Jacknife x Elvis Brown, and others.

A major shoutout to this week’s Artists We’re Watching: Newtone (Bass house, house), and Ascent (bass).

Check out the full show notes by visiting www.beyondthebeats.co/episode-38

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