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CHATOOR & Mike Danglez collaborate on “All of Your Love”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Bass/Future artist CHATOOR and the “Dubstep Dad” Mike Danglez meld their individualistic sounds on “All Of Your Love.” The collaborative duo says,” We wanted this track to be memorable, original and re-playable. We wanted it to work just as well outside of shows, for every-day listening.” This flawless team up delivered a track that showcases the talent of each producer while seamlessly integrating their respective genres.

The comprehensive sound design and intricate production details are what make “All Of Your Love” a standout track. From their deliberate placement of minimal elements, resampling, orchestral breaks, and moments of intentional suspension, CHATOOR and Mike Danglez have created a mesmerizing atmosphere. The tension inducing intro and enticing vocal push the listener further towards the unexpected yet excellently crafted drop. The versatility of “All of Your Love” bodes well for its infectious nature that will have listeners playing it on repeat.

Regarding the production of “All Of Your Love,” CHATOOR states:

“Very few of the fills, both drums and synths, were loop-based. The majority of what you hear flying around in the drops was hand selected and programmed by Zach and I. I think it’s really cool that all of these small synth shots and samples work together really seamlessly and give the song a futuristic atmosphere.”

Mike Danglez adds:

“We really wanted to make a song that works just as well outside of shows, for every-day listening. I can confirm that it makes for a great driving song. I also finally got to test this one out at Picnic Royal Festival in Quebec; the high-energy drops had people bouncing around and vibing. It was a great feeling.”

“All Of Your Love” by CHATOOR and Mike Danglez was released on Friday, October 8th, 2021.

Artwork, press photos, and quotes provided by Subtle But True.

More About CHATOOR

Born in the UK and currently living in Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Chatoor, professionally known as CHATOOR,
is a bass/future artist. Mixing influences of modern pop, heavy trap and dubstep, CHATOOR’s tracks range from
soulfully melodic to ear-splitting, loud and aggressive. He has multiple releases on labels including Wubaholics
and Hybrid Trap and a vast library of self-released tunes.

More About Mike Danglez

Mike Danglez, aka the ‘Dubstep Dad’, is an ambitious artist whose music has absolutely no boundaries. He
aims to bring diversity in a world that sets so many limitations on creation. He hopes to enlighten people on the
fact that art has no limits nor restrictions and wants to inspire people to create in whichever way they feel
resonates with them. He produces music because it makes him happy and hopes that anyone who stumbles
upon his art can find beauty and inspiration from it.

With releases on multiple labels including Gas Money Music, Hybrid Trap, Subcarbon Records and more, Mike
Danglez has been gaining more and more recognition both from other artists in the scene and from fans. With
his festival and show appearances, he has become well known for his dynamic attitude, hard-hitting sets,
powerful tracks and contagious stage presence.

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