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Blue Tesla Exctasy Pill Causes Death, Promoters Around the US Requiring Vaccination, Raving Solo | Ep. 10

by Arad Javaheri
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Blue Tesla ecstasy pill causes 1 death and 20 hospitalizations:

A warning has been issued by Northumbria Police in the UK following one death and twenty hospitalizations over the weekend. Police were called in the early hours of Saturday morning in response to three men who were reported unwell in the club. A 21-year-old died in the hospital and two more remain in stable condition. All events at The Cause were canceled to protect against further harm.

The police advise against substance use and urge anyone intending to do so to take extra care and caution. Christina Gray the director of public health states “We’re becoming increasingly concerned about reports of a potentially lethal batch of drugs circulating in the city.”

Promoters around the US are requiring vaccination or proof of negative test to enter:

Live Nation allows artists to set their own COVID protocols, including proof of vaccination. Live Nation will require employees to be vaccinated.

“Our teams have worked together to put new processes in place so that artists doing shows with Live Nation in the U.S. can require all attendees and staff to be fully vaccinated or show a negative test result for entry, where permitted by law,”

Insomniac’s next festival Beyond Wonderland will require vaccination or a negative test upon entree

Insomniacs LA clubs Academy LA, and Exchange LA have not made any announcements regarding covid policy but other popular clubs in Los Angeles like Sound Nightclub are requiring vaccination or negative test.

Raving Solo:

Esme breaks down her experiences as a solo raver!

“Originally planned to go with a friend who I was going to EDC with later that year (Good bonding experience) → Leaves me after about 15 minutes after meeting some guy and I’m left to my own devices.”

“I wasn’t too mad about it because I decided to turn it into sort of a challenge for myself to make new friends. So that’s what I did!”

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