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Blanke and Luma deliver passion with latest release “Survive”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Australian producer and dj, Blanke, delivers another track that is, as his Spotify bio so perfectly puts it, “cheesy melodic music that makes you want to cry” with a hint of “music that sounds like the apocalypse.”

Blanke’s previous collaborative release, “Wild and Broken” alongside Seven Lions, Trivecta, and RBBTS,  took the route of classic melodic dubstep with anthemic vocals, however, “Survive” is  an more mellow melodic bass track that showcases Blanke’s  beautifully crafted soundscapes and Luma’s passionate vocals.

A beautiful lyrical piano chord progression accompanied by a subtle delayed electric guitar riff blend together to introduce Luma’s passionate lyrics. The energy is built with energetic drums that amplify the emotion behind Luma’s vocals. Tension begins to rise as Luma delivers an emotional chorus that showcases her range and Blanke decides to hit listeners with a synth wall of sound no one was ready for. However, the layered synth work featured in the drop does not overwhelm the listener. It is a perfect match to the overall emotional tone of “Survive.” Blanke finally releases the grip he has on listeners’ hearts as the beautiful piano progression returns to bring the track to a close

“Survive” is another addition to Blanke’s rise in the music industry and a great addition to Ophelia Records list of producers that are able to deliver quality melodic bass music.

Listen to and enjoy “Survive”  by Blanke and Luma below.

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