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Storm the “Black Gates” with Disconnect Music via Bass Planet Collective

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Disconnect Music storms the  “Black Gates” with sinister beats  via Bass Planet Collective, premiers on Stage Hoppers!

Disconnect Music is known for delivering heavy beats with precise sound design meant to demolish any dance floor. After establishing his roots in film sound design and performing as a drummer in a metal band, Disconnect fell into the world of bass music. Utilizing influence from years of raving, Disconnect began releasing his menacing beats in 2017.

In his first release with Bass Planet Collective, Disconnect unleashes “Black Gates.” Serious fans of “The Lord of the Rings” will immediately recognize the sample used as the inspiration for this track. Disconnect states, “The line was only in the extended uncut version of Return of the King as they are in front of the black gates so I felt it was a fitting title.”

“Black Gates” establishes an ominous tone with a chilling descending melodic line against the forceful drums. Tension building sirens followed by powerful impacts evolve through the soundscape as the LOTR sample signals the emergence of something sinister.  Gritty, machine-like sound design engulfs the listener in a battle of sonic proportions. The low frequency bass rumbles underneath the striking higher frequency stabs. The tone of “Black Gates” encapsulates the final battle of LOTR in a unique sonic experience that will bring out the head-banging bass monster in any listener.

Be sure to check out the rest of the SYZYGY 02 compilation from Bass Planet Collective. It’s a sonic journey featuring some incredible sound design from rising artists in the bass music community!

“Black Gates” by Disconnect Music is available below for your bass music enjoyment!

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