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Best Releases of the Week [2.10.23]

by Connor Smith
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“Die A God” (Feat. Wasiu) – Black Tiger Sex Machine

BTSM’s “Die A God” uses aggressive vocal samples by lyricist Wasiu, complementing the heavy basslines and intricate drum patterns throughout the track. The vocals add a layer of intensity to the already high-energy production, making the song a standout in Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s discography. Featuring dramatic drops, complex and powerful beats, and a high-energy synths, the track creates a dynamic and intense soundscape for listeners throughout.


“T.O.A.D.” – Barely Alive x Kompany

T.O.A.D.“, a collaborative single produced by Barely Alive and Kompany is a must-listen for fans of EDM and bass music. The track displays the immense talent of both producers and sets a new standard for what can be achieved in the genre. The combination of the heavy basslines and aggressive vocal samples create an experience that is both exhilarating and thrilling. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your workout playlist or just something to get you pumped up, this song is sure to deliver.


“Audible Imagery” EP – Mousai

Making his solo debut with SSKWAN, Mousai presents his five-track EP, “Audible Imagery“. This EP takes listeners on a musical journey filled with melodic patterns and dreamy soundscapes. Mousai’s unique blend of groovy textures and beautiful sound design creates a new world of imagination. He was first introduced to the SSKWAN label through his single “Dreamscape“, which was part of the SYNERGY Compilation released on January 12th, 2023. Be ready to make this EP the newest addition to your relaxation playlist!


“In Chicago” (Danny Avila Remix) – John Summit

The highly anticipated debut release on John Summit’s label Off The Grid, ‘In Chicago’ is now remixed by Spanish techno producer Danny Avila. Playing to the intensity of the original version with its rich synth soundscapes and suitably full-throttle bassline, this mix showcases Danny’s signature mainstage-ready sound. With DJ Mag describing Danny’s sound as “top gear and technicolor,” this remix packs the expected punch from two of electronic music’s most talked-about producers.


“Club Chennai” – aboywithabag

Chicago’s own DJ and producer, aboywithabag, brings a unique fusion of soul and culture to his music. Growing up in Southern India, he infuses his rich cultural heritage into his tracks, giving a fresh twist to the classic genre of House music. With the release of his latest hit “Club Chennai“, aboywithabag showcases his musical prowess and demonstrates his ability to create a one-of-a-kind sound as the song features Hindi voice samples, driving kick drums, and frenzied synthesizers.


“Berserker” – Emalkay x The Others x Subscape 

UK bass legends Emalkay, The Others and Subscape are back with Berserker” – the second track off of their forthcoming EP. Nostalgia is making a massive comeback and “Berserker has that classic old school dubstep sound reminiscent of the days of UKF YouTube and underground raves. The track follows January’s “Inside My Hide,” and reinvigorates the excitement and allure behind these figureheads in the global bass music scene.

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