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Best Releases of the Week [2.24.23]

by Connor Smith
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“Fall Apart” – Excision x Sullivan King

Excision and Sullivan King, long-time friends and collaborators, have teamed up once again for their latest release, “Fall Apart.” The song, which was first unveiled during their B2B set at Lost Lands in 2022, is set to be a part of Sullivan King‘s upcoming album project. “Fall Apart” has been eagerly anticipated by fans of both artists, and it is expected to be a massive hit within the electronic music community. The track’s heavy bass and intense drops are sure to energize crowds at live shows and festivals. This collaboration between Excision and Sullivan King is a testament to the power of musical synergy and the importance of friendship in the creative process. Fans can expect even more exciting collaborations from these talented artists in the future.

“Polar Bears/ Thunder & Sunshine” – P.O.S. x Spencer Brown

P.O.S, the solo project of Paavo Siljamäki from Above & Beyond, has released a new double A-side featuring two tracks – “Polar Bears” and “Thunder & Sunshine“. “Polar Bears” is a collaboration with DJ and producer Spencer Brown, which originated from a studio jam session in Los Angeles in 2021. The track showcases the production skills of both artists and has generated significant excitement among their fans.

“Happy Accidents” Remix LP – Lubelski

Lubelski, known for his rejection of the rules and multi-genre approach to music, is now curating the “Happy Accidents Remix LP with the same care and disregard for convention that the original represented. For this project, he has enlisted some of his greatest inspirations, including Roman Flugel and Skream, as well as up-and-coming underground icons like Nikki Nair, AK Sports, and Black Loops. The LP also features contributions from rising stars such as Yulia Niko, Maxinne, and Mary Droppinz, as well as some of Lubelski‘s close studio friends like PILO, Troy Kurtz, Danny Golliger, RYBO, Whereisfenix, and Red Eye. This type of boundary-pushing curation is emblematic of Lubelski‘s eclectic DJ sets over the past year, and promises to be a wild, multi-faceted party. Fun, credible, and creative – this release is sure to be a hit among fans of electronic music who appreciate bold experimentation and fearless innovation.

“Born To Suffer” – Svdden Death

Svdden Death delivers his newest single, “Born to Suffer”, a hard-hitting dubstep track that features ominous basslines and intense drops riddled throughout. Beginning with a haunting melody, the track embodies a tone that pleases the dark side of fans and music enthusiasts alike. A foreboding atmosphere surrounds the track as it progresses, while layers of heavy bass continue to build, creating an overwhelming sense of tension and anticipation. Svdden Death has perfected his craft in creating intense and emotionally charged dubstep tracks, and “Born To Suffer” is a testament to his ever evolving style. By blending a dark and sinister feel with high-energy drops, Svdden Death has made his mark on the dubstep community with his specific sound that continues to build him a dedicated following.

“Song Of The Year” – Kill The Noise x Wooli

Kill The Noise teams up with one of the hottest bass producers in the EDM scene, Wooli, to release “Song Of The Year”, a track that is sure to live up to its name. With build ups that create an overwhelming sense of anticipation, “Song Of The Year” unleashes uniquely crafted and downright dirty drops that will make even the most seasoned bass fans lose their minds. It’s a perfect example of the kind of high-energy, hard-hitting EDM that has made both Kill The Noise and Wooli some of the hottest names in the industry.

“Old School” – Marshmello x Ray Volpe

Combining one of the most recognizable artists in the industry with an up-and-coming star, Marshmello and Ray Volpe use their specific styles and signature sounds to create their newest single “Old School”. Beginning with uplifting lyrics that entice the listener, the track moves along in classic Marshmello fashion that has become recognizable to the world of music. As the song progresses, the two producers design a beat that features an intense and accelerated tempo, displaying insanely high energy as each second passes. If you’re looking for a track to get blood racing through your veins and your heart pounding, “Old School” checks every box with its overall thrilling nature.


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