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BASSTOPIA: Top Bass and Dubstep Bangers of the Week


by Connor Smith
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Wreckno x Super Future

Today, up-and-coming bass star Super Future and queer electronic icon Wreckno release their new single “Bassline”, the first off Super Future’s forthcoming Crimson EP, out now on Rezz’s label HypnoVizion.
Starting with a crescendo of whimsical synths, “Bassline” showcases a dynamic fusion of Super Future‘s melodic inclinations and Wreckno‘s bold, bass-driven approach. Staying true to its name, the song launches into the stratosphere with exuberant, zipping basslines, while Wreckno‘s potent vocals declare, “I’ve been busy making them go crazy with the bassline.” From beginning to end, the track offers an exhilarating auditory journey and serves as a flavorful addition to HypnoVizion‘s expanding repertoire.


Peekaboo x Skrillex x G-REX x Flowdan

Exemplifying PEEKABOO‘s innovative sound, the song prominently includes EDM luminary Skrillex, who has played a pivotal role in shaping PEEKABOO‘s musical evolution. The partnership is further enriched by the contributions of G-Rex and Flowdan, culminating in a composition that seamlessly melds bass music’s finest attributes with an avant-garde, nonconformist flair.

“I Like It When You Move”


Anderson Benoit Gallegos, known by his stage name Mersiv, advances his musical journey with the unveiling of “I Like It When You Move,” the inaugural track from his eagerly awaited second album, “Out of Bounds.” Newly released, this single ventures beyond Mersiv‘s signature ‘Pretty Dark Loud‘ sound, delivering a weighty and inventive representation of contemporary bass music.

”Gorilla Warfare” LP


Former basketball icon turned electronic music sensation, Shaquille O’Neal, now recognized as DIESEL, is poised to make a resounding impact on the music world with “GORILLA WARFARE,” his upcoming LP release on Monstercat. This album not only showcases DIESEL‘s unmistakable style but also harnesses the combined creative prowess of a diverse group of collaborators. Each contributor adds their own distinct flair to every track, collectively shaping a fresh chapter in the realm of bass music.

”The Deep”


The Deep” isn’t merely a song; it serves as a testament to Levity‘s diverse musical preferences and limitless capabilities. Although the trio is renowned for their versatile range encompassing future bass, house, and dubstep, this recent release only scratches the surface. Influenced by acts like Major Lazer, recognized for their energetic shows and wide appeal, Levity remains committed to delving into various genres. Their high-octane music reflects their dynamic personas and electrifying live performances, making this track just one example of their boundless creative exploration.

“By My Side”


Point.Blank‘s latest single, “By My Side,” marks a captivating addition to the producer’s evolving discography. Seamlessly blending elements of melodic dubstep and future bass, the track showcases Point.Blank‘s ability to fuse emotive melodies with powerful basslines. “By My Side” takes listeners on a sonic journey, with its intricate sound design and evocative atmosphere creating a sense of both intimacy and grandeur. The track’s dynamic shifts and well-crafted drops keep the energy soaring, making it a perfect representation of Point.Blank‘s commitment to pushing the boundaries of his genre.

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BASSTOPIA: Top Bass and Dubstep Bangers of the Week

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