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BASSTOPIA: Top Bass and Dubstep Bangers of the Week


by Connor Smith
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Excision x Kai Wachi

The newest release, “F.Y.U.“, is a high-octane collaboration between Excision and Kai Wachi, two prominent figures in the bass music scene. This track is a sonic explosion of heavy dubstep, characterized by intense basslines, aggressive synths, and adrenaline-pumping drops. With its gritty and relentless energy, “F.Y.U.” delivers an electrifying experience that pushes the boundaries of bass music, leaving listeners immersed in a world of powerful sound design and raw musical intensity.



Harbinger,” SVDDEN DEATH‘s newest release, invites listeners into a captivating, enigmatic soundscape. This track intricately melds ominous tonalities with robust bass, immersing the audience in a riveting sonic narrative. The seamless buildup and striking crescendos evoke an exhilarating journey, inducing a heightened sense of anticipation and engagement. SVDDEN DEATH adeptly demonstrates his mastery within the bass music genre through this track, showcasing a remarkable command of composition and evocative sonic storytelling.



MARAUDA’s “BEAST OF LIES” EP unleashes a thunderous odyssey, featuring tracks like “BEAST OF LIES,” “UNTOUCHED BY COMFORT,” and “PORTAL TO SIN.” Each composition within this immersive collection delves deep into the realms of dubstep and bass music, showcasing a meticulous fusion of intense sound design and rhythmic complexity. From the bone-shaking resonance of “BEAST OF LIES” to the haunting depths of “UNTOUCHED BY COMFORT” and the enigmatic allure of “PORTAL TO SIN,” MARAUDA demonstrates an unparalleled command over audio manipulation. These tracks serve as pillars of innovation, offering an intellectually engaging yet emotionally charged auditory experience. MARAUDA‘s “BEAST OF LIES” EP stands as a testament to his visionary approach in reshaping the landscape of bass music, inviting listeners on a profound journey through intricate musical craftsmanship and unparalleled depth.

“Bring It Back Now Again” EP

G – Space

G-Space‘s “Bring It Back Now Again” EP invites you into a kaleidoscopic realm, featuring tracks like “Rubberband,” “Face To The Curb,” and “Was What We Had Real.” This collection is a vibrant fusion of bass-driven beats and mesmerizing psychedelic elements, taking inspiration from dubstep, glitch-hop, and experimental electronic genres. “Rubberband” bounces with infectious energy, while “Face To The Curb” hits hard with its gritty and intense vibes. My personal favorite, “Was What We Had Real,” captivates with its emotive tones and intricate layers. Each track within this EP is a unique journey, offering a blend of unpredictable rhythms, trippy melodies, and deep basslines. G-Space‘s experimental approach shines through, pushing the boundaries of sound and delivering an immersive, dynamic experience that leaves listeners mesmerized by its inventive and eclectic musical landscape.

“All Night”

Rezz x NGHTMRE x DeathbyRomy

All Night“, a collaboration between Rezz, NGHTMRE, and DeathbyRomy, emerges as an unconventional fusion of their distinct styles, pushing the boundaries of collaboration. With a winding path through haunting builds and gripping mid-tempo drops, the track channels an atmosphere akin to a psychological thriller. DeathbyRomy‘s captivating vocals weave a narrative both dark and disorienting amid an intricate interplay of melodies and distorted basslines. Laden with unnerving tones and haunting lyricism, ‘All Night‘ is an auditory journey that leaves an indelible chill, sending shivers down the spine of its listeners.

“Feel It 2”

Boombox Cartel x FrostTop x Transviolet

Feel It 2” is an electrifying collaboration between Boombox Cartel, FrostTop, and Transviolet that fuses vibrant electronic beats with infectious pop melodies. This track delivers an energetic and uplifting experience, blending catchy vocals with dynamic drops and pulsating rhythms. With its vibrant production and infectious hooks, “Feel It 2” creates an irresistible groove that invites listeners to immerse themselves in its lively and euphoric atmosphere. It’s a perfect blend of electronic and pop elements, showcasing the collective talents of these artists and their ability to craft a song that resonates with both energy and emotion.

“Fluxiverse” EP

Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion‘s “Fluxiverse” EP is an insane adventure through electronic music, featuring tracks that are total bangers like “The Ones You Loved,” “Heavy Metal,” and “Where You At.” “The Ones You Loved” hits you right in the feels with its emotional vibes, while “Heavy Metal” brings this crazy energy that makes you want to move non-stop. And “Where You At” is just pure fun with its catchy beats and attractive rhythm. Each song is like a different world of sound, showing off Flux Pavilion‘s skills in mixing dubstep and bass with awesome melodies. “Fluxiverse” is this amazing ride that takes you on a wild musical journey filled with energy and emotion, leaving you pumped up and wanting more!

“Welcome To The Party” EP

Hi I’m Ghost

Hi I’m Ghost‘s “Welcome To The Party” EP is a relentless project that fuses elements of bass music, dubstep, and energetic electronic beats. The EP boasts tracks like “Welcome To The Party” and “Doom Den” that showcase the duo’s signature blend of heavy basslines, intricate sound design, and infectious energy. Each track immerses listeners in a whirlwind of intense drops, catchy hooks, and pulsating rhythms that demand attention. With its explosive and dynamic sound, “Welcome To The Party” is a testament to Hi I’m Ghost‘s ability to create an electrifying atmosphere that keeps the energy high and the party vibes going strong.

“Dead House” EP


Noise-E-Boi‘s EP, ‘Dead House,’ invites you into a vibrant soundscape, featuring tracks like ‘Rubberband,’ ‘Face To The Curb,’ and ‘Was What We Had Real.’ This collection merges bass-driven rhythms with mesmerizing psychedelic elements, drawing inspiration from dubstep, glitch-hop, and the experimental electronic spectrum. ‘Rubberband‘ pulses with infectious energy, while ‘Face To The Curb‘ delivers a raw, gritty intensity. ‘Was What We Had Real‘ captivates with its emotive tones and intricate layers. Each track embarks on its own unique journey, blending unexpected rhythms, trippy melodies, and deep basslines. Noise-E-Boi‘s boundary-pushing creativity shines through, crafting an immersive and dynamic experience that captivates listeners of all genres.

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