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Au5 debuts on Ophelia Records with “The Paper Owl” featuring Arehlai

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Au5 officially joins Ophelia Records with his unique track “The Paper Owl,” featuring Arehlai.

Although Au5 has collaborated with Seven Lions and Ophelia Records in the past, “The Paper Owl” becomes his first official single with the label. “The Paper Owl” is the perfect addition to the emotional bass and melodic dubstep repertoire of Ophelia Records.

Au5 is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. With this latest release, “The Paper Owl,” Au5 takes listeners on an immersive and emotional journey through his unmistakable, futuristic sound design. 

Euphoria overcomes the listener right from the start. The Ethereal synth work and soothing vocals of Arehlai entice the listener throughout the opening before Au5 hits delivers an impactful drop featuring his classic bass growls and supersaw synths that are separated by powerful snare hits. His complex sound design shines through as each section is perfectly executed and carries the emotional tone through a vibrant atmosphere.


“The Paper Owl” by Au5, featuring Arehlai, was released on July 16, 2021 via Ophelia Records.


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