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Artificial Intelligence and Creativity in EDM

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Will Artificial intelligence (AI) replace artists, creatives, and producers in electronic dance music? A loaded question that has circulated in the scene in recent times. Now, as AI becomes more prevalent in today’s world, there are definite concerns about its impact on various industries, including our favored world of EDM

As a musician myself, I’ve definitely felt similar fears in my respective area. I’ve dedicated years of my life and education to an instrument and art form many would deem useless. But does that make me irrelevant? Does that make my love for music irrelevant? Could AI be causing those same concerns in the EDM Scene? Let’s talk about. 

Will Artificial Intelligence replace the Human Touch?

I think it’s natural to contemplate the potential use of AI in our work. Artificial intelligence has found its way into numerous creative fields, such as content creation, assisting with mental blocks, acting as personal assistants, and aiding in research. AI algorithms can generate content, suggest ideas, and streamline processes. It could certainly create works of art in a matter of minutes, even seconds. But, too many, music is a uniquely human experience. Will AI change that?

Now, I of course don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy to share my thoughts and hopefully hear your thoughts in return. 

While I do believe AI can offer valuable support, the essence of creativity lies in the human touch. Artists and creatives bring their unique perspectives, emotions, and extremely personal experiences into their work. This in return resonates with audiences on a profound level. That human connection is integral in the EDM scene, as we saw with the absolute desire to connect during the pandemic. This human connection, brought about through authenticity and individuality, is crucial in music, and I’m not certain AI can replicate that just yet through mere technical outputs. 

The Value of Human Connection

How do we as music lovers  combat this new frontier? Do we need to fight it? Well, I don’t think it’s a battle against AI, necessarily. As AI-generated content becomes prevalent, the way we appreciate and support artists and creatives is essential to their desire for human connection. Whether it’s a local musician performing in an intimate venue or an electronic dance music producer showcasing a new ID at a massive festival they are putting their dedication, passion, and personal expression on display for the world to critique.  By supporting artists, we show their craft is valued and reinforces the importance of the human element in creative endeavors.

As the world continues to innovate, creatives will do the same. While AI certainly brings positives, do we need to always rely on it?  We should continue to appreciate the unique contributions of artists and creatives and value the human connection.  I’m sure the future of EDM will remain vibrant and meaningful, even with the addition of Artificial intelligence. Now, would it be ironic if AI helped me right this article…

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