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5 Must See Acts at GRIDLIFE Midwest 2023

by Connor Smith
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Bassheads and adrenaline junkies, get ready for an high octane extravaganza as GRIDLIFE Midwest Festival, the renowned Motorsports Music Festival, gears up to celebrate its 10th anniversary at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan. From Friday, June 2 to Sunday, June 4, attendees will be treated to an unparalleled experience that seamlessly merges the thrill of motorsports competition with a high-caliber car show and electrifying performances from the hottest DJs in the electronic music scene.

Known as the “Music Festival At High Speed,” GRIDLIFE Midwest has established itself as a leader in the motorsports and music festival scene. This year’s event promises to be nothing short of extraordinary, with a meticulously curated lineup that is sure to shake the ground beneath your feet. Here are Stage Hoppers’Must See Acts at GRIDLIFE Midwest 2023!”

1. Subtronics

Subtronics is now considered a king within the EDM community. Known for his ability to bring the crowd to life with his infectious energy, his music is characterized by extreme helpings of heavy bass and intricate sound design. Quickly becoming one of the most sought-after DJs in the game, Subtronics has collaborated with OG artists like Excision, GRiZ, and Zeds Dead, developing an impressive song catalog throughout his career. His live sets are an experience not to be missed, featuring a mix of his own tracks, remixes, and unreleased material that is sure to keep you on your toes as he headlines Friday night (June 2nd).

2. Wooli

Hailing from New York, Wooli has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene with his heavy, bass-driven tracks that blend elements of dubstep, trap, and future bass. Collaborating with some of the biggest names in electronic music, Wooli has released projects with Seven Lions, Excision, and Snails, and his live sets are known for their explosive energy and raw power. If you’re a fan of heavy bass and high-intensity electronic music, Wooli is a must-see act at GRIDLIFE Midwest 2023.

3. Sullivan King

Sullivan King is a guitarist, producer, and singer/songwriter who has perfected the art of blending heavy metal with electronic music to create a truly unique sound. Characterized by heavy guitar riffs, thunderous bass, and soaring vocals, his music has the ability to bring together fans of both rock and EDM. Having collaborated with some of the biggest names in the game, Sullivan King has partnered with Excision, Dirtyphonics, and Slander, and his live shows are an experience that will leave you breathless and craving more.

4. Boogie T

Originally from the vibrant state of Louisiana, Boogie T has garnered a devoted following nationwide, thanks to his captivating music and his reputation for exuding a chill and friendly vibe. Setting him apart from other electronic artists, Boogie T‘s music contains powerful basslines, infectious melodies, and a distinct infusion of southern influences. Collaborating with a variety of artists across multiple genres, including Ganja White Night, GRiZ, and Subtronics, Boogie T‘s live sets are known for their high-energy, party vibe. If you’re looking for a enjoyable and upbeat electronic act to dance the night away to, Boogie T is the perfect way to spend your Saturday night at GRIDLIFE Midwest 2023.

5. Dogma

Experience the unparalleled energy and intense sonic assault of the dubstep producer Dogma at GRIDLIFE Midwest 2023. Known for pushing the boundaries of heavy dubstep, Dogma delivers an electrifying experience that transcends traditional music genres. With flawless mixing, innovative production, and a fearless approach to music, Dogma creates a captivating atmosphere that will leave his listeners completely exhilarated. Don’t miss the chance to witness his technical prowess and unique style, as he sets the tone for this years GRIDLIFE Midwest 2023.

Festival Information

To purchase tickets and learn more about GRIDLIFE Midwest 2023, please visit their website by clicking here!

Considering attending GRIDLIFE Midwest Festival? Exploring the various camping options is highly recommended. Each option offers its own unique perks and ambiance, allowing you to tailor your camping experience to your preferences. Whether you choose Trackside Camping for unparalleled views, a general camping area for a lively and social atmosphere, or a more secluded spot for tranquility, GRIDLIFE has camping options to suit every attendee.

Make sure to view the official lineup below as you prepare for a thrilling weekend between June 2nd and June 4th!


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