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100 Days ‘Til EDC: Tips to Prepare for EDCLV

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Tips to Prepare for EDC Las Vegas

Today marks the 100 day mark until we are all reunited under the electric sky at EDC Las Vegas! Some of us may have been preparing since we were locked indoors and others… not so much. Whether you are ready to go or are prepping last minute, here are a few tips to prepare for the EDM community’s version of Disney World.

Break a Neck, Break a Sweat

We are talking cardio, baby! I don’t think any of us are as prepared as we used to be for three-day festivals. Doing cardio-based workouts will increase your endurance to be able to jump around from stage to stage. Adding cardio to your routine will make a huge difference in how long you will be able to last in the pits without needing to take a break.

H2O is the Way to Go

We hear it all the time. Hydration is key. Be sure to hydrate as much as possible closer to the days leading up to the festival, during the festival, and after the festival. Your body will thank you. Water is also helpful to make sure you don’t get as tired as fast!

Let’s Play Dress Up

Plan a set of head-turning outfits for the weekend! EDC Las Vegas is one of the biggest festivals that happen in the United States and your outfits should match that same energy! However, be sure to check the weather during that weekend to make sure you aren’t freezing or sweating buckets. At EDCLV 2019, all of the sweatshirts, hoodies, and blankets were sold out due to how cold it was. Personally, I had to buy a flag to keep warm. DON’T DO THE SAME THING. Be stylish, but also be prepared for the weather.

Music Guru

With the lineup out, you have the chance to listen to artists you don’t usually listen to. Of course, I encourage you to see your favorite artists. But also listen to artists you haven’t heard of before and consider going to their sets as well! Your experience will be more meaningful.

Craving Kandi

One of the EDM community’s biggest traditions is to trade kandi. Whether you’re into elaborate cuffs and perlers or a simple bracelet, we recommend putting your all into making kandi for EDCLV. Every kandi piece comes with sentimental value and means a lot to the person you trade with. Make it special! Invite your friends over for a kandi-making party while listening to an EDC playlist! Side Tip: Don’t ask people to give you kandi for the heck of it. It’s rude and off-putting.

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

Be sure to have a solid plan for your stay and transportation. Make sure you get a place you can get a good night’s rest in because you are going to need it. Do not book hotels and flights last minute. It is best to stress about it now than to worry about it the week of. I highly recommend booking at hotels or Airbnb’s with free cancellation policies. In case you are unable to attend EDCLV or have a change of plans, you are able to get your money back hassle-free.

EDCLV Vision

Get excited! The time has come for us to finally be together once again, dancing together, and letting unforgettable memories unravel. Take it all in and be present. See you soon, Stage Hoppers!

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