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by Nicholas Lorenzo
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“State Of My Heart” — Surf Mesa x Nat Dunn

Surf Mesa and Nat Dunn release soul-stirring new single “State Of My Heart.” Featuring Dunn’s gripping vocals and Surf Mesa’s delectable production, the new track exudes hope and optimism. Surf tells us: “Nat Dunn and I got in the studio and, after messing around with chords, she was humming around a bit and then under her breath she said, ‘can’t you feel the state of my heart?’ I immediately was drawn to this hook and we built the track around it!”

“Spangled” — Chee

Chee returns to Deadbeats with new ominous single “Spangled.” The South African producer delivers a twisted track of eerie essence. The deep bass lines transverse the atmosphere and perplexing sound design ushers in a sense of unease, perfect for the Halloween vibes.

Welcome To My World EP— Carl Cox

Carl Cox drops a brand new four-track EP,  Welcome To My World. This release in anticipation of his album, Electronic Generations, slated for release on October 28, and offers a brand new track with “World Gone Mad” and three previously but now reworked versions of “See the Sun Rising,” “How It Makes You Feel,” and “Speed Trials on Acid.”

“Vigil” (Human Movement) — Golden Features

Golden Features enlists Human Movement to remix “Vigil.” The Lebanese-Australian artists transform “Vigil” into an underground oasis for hypnotic breakbeats and graceful synth-work. The remix picks up the pace with double-time percussion and Human Movement unleashes retro-rave flare.

“Supah Fly” — Nostalgix x Michael Sparks

Nostalgix and Michael Sparks unite on new single “Supah Fly.” Featuring a hard hitting sound, this heavy house track is filled with dynamic energy, effervescent vocals, and Nostalgix’ typical ’90s swagger. Bass house’s favorite it-girl Nostalgix continues her ascent with new music to round off 2022.

“Kammy (like i do)”— Fred again..

Fred again.. continues with another release in anticipation of his forthcoming album Actual Life 3. The new single,”Kammy (like i do),” was featured on his Boiler Room set and exudes club energy with Fred Again.. hypnotic beats and is complimented by singer-songwriter Kamille’s enticing vocal sample.

Together EP — Mitis

MitiS returns to Ophelia Records with a 3-track release Together. Through the EP, Mitis joins forces with Ray Volpe, Amidy and Crystals Skies for a mixture of dance-pop, heavy dubstep and blissful melodic bass.

“Ready To Fly” — Sub Focus x Dimension

Sub Focus and Dimension deliver an emotionally stirring yet explosive drum and bass single “Ready To Fly.” The unrelenting production generates underneath the soaring vocals, launching the atmosphere in a dominating groove.

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