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Stage Hoppers’ Friday Picks December 1, 2022

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Stage Hoppers’ Friday Picks brings you the hottest new releases from this past week. 2022 isn’t over just yet, and these artists are on mission to close out the year with a bang. Whether you’re a house head, bass fanatic, or lover of all EDM, there’s no doubt you go wild for today’s list!

“The Tide” — Fatum x biskuwi x Beautiful Errors

American EDM duo Fatum collaborate with biskuwi and Beautiful Errors for “The Tide.” The new release is a tantalizing journey with its brash synth work blended with a deep and ominous soundscape. “The Tide” was also featured on Odd Ones V2, by Yotto’s Odd One Out label.

“Feel The Vibe” — Walker & Royce

Walker & Royce return to Dirtybird with “Feel The Vibe.” The new release see the duo venture into the dark club undertones. With glitchy melodies and slinky basslines, this house heater is one dance-floor ready hit. The release comes ahead of their appearance at Holy Ship! Wrecked and headline ‘Just What The World Needs Tour’, set for January 2023.

“Rise” — Excision x Jessica Audiffred x Leah Culver

Excision and Jessica Audiffred join forces for “Rise” with Leah Culver. As two pillars of dubstep, the collaborative duo deliver a rousing yet impassioned track, with the aid of Culver’s serene vocal performance. Emerging with an ethereal and melancholic atmosphere, the unrelenting drops surfaces with piercing synths and destructive basslines.

“Sway” —HoneyLuv x Dope Earth Alien

As 1 of the 10 Dance Artists to Watch in 2022, HoneyLuv has had a breakout year. Now, the house and techno producer closes out the year with “Sway.” With Toronto-born singer and songwriter Dope Earth Alien delivering infectious vocals, HoneyLuv compliments with her signature house swagger.

Alien Shit, Pt. II — Shlump

Shlump returns with latest EP Alien Shit, Pt. II. Following lead single “Strange Single,” the new EP serves as a follow-up this his 2015 Alien Shit EP. Now, the four-track offering features collaborations with Xotix and Ringtone Murder, venturing through Shlump’s multidimensioal bass music.

“Fire Burnin” — Black V Neck

Electronic music duo Black V Neck launch their own label, Retail Records, with the release of their latest track “Fire Burnin.” The igniting single features poignant synth-work that oscillates through the tech house atmosphere of dynamic percussion and bouncy basslines. “The fire is burnin out of control” with this invigorating club driver. 

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