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Ravenscoon’s showstopping ‘Inertia’ EP, out now via WAKAAN

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Ravenscoon presents his show stopping Inertia EP, out now via WAKAANThe definition of inertia being “a property of matter that exists in a state of rest unless altered by an external force,” Ravenscoon serves as the external force, “warping soundwaves to put forth a sprawling pandemonium of deep, rhythmic basslines and fine-tuned drum kicks.” The resulting effect is his cohesive six-track EP.

Inertia begins with Ravenscoon’s previously released lead single, “Speakaz,” alongside collaborator Noise Pollution. The remaining 5 tracks come entirely as solo hits from the dominant producer. “Free Your Mind” expands the possibilities of bass with its eruptive, wobbly basslines and piercing melodics. Next up, “Like That” explores a more trap-inspired groove with electrifying synth-work that reverberate into the air. “Velocity” speaks for itself with its energizing vocal hook, bouncing bass hits, and syncopating synths groove, developing an overly infectious nature. Ravenscoon then dives into the trenches with “Deeper,” a dominating track that evolves through various tonal colors and timbres . Lastly, the titular track “Inertia” closes out the EP with an insanely lush bass atmosphere that accentuates the ethereal vocal line.

The upward momentum of Ravenscoon continues as he prepares for a number of festival appearances this year, such as Deep Tropics, Summer Camp, Sonic Bloom for a special downtempo wave set, and many more. With his finger on the pulse of the current bass scene and no boundaries to his versatile sound design, you can also expect to see more Ravenscoon curated headline events in the near future.

Inertia by Ravenscoon was released on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, via WAKAAN.

More about Ravenscoon

Paul Conversano, aka Ravenscoon, is an electronic music producer & DJ from San Francisco, California, who combines influences of death metal, hip-hop, and punk rock with experimental bass music.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, his unique flair of southern roots compliment pulsating dream-like bass lines and psychedelic arpeggios to create something uniquely fresh yet also familiarly nostalgic. His passion and love for electronic music are present in both his original songs and his wildly popular mixtape series. No genre goes untouched – from dubstep, trance, rap, trap, drum & bass, halftime, psytrance, and more – each Ravenscoon live set is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

From sold-out headlining shows to supporting industry-leading bass music acts – Ravenscoon has made a statement that he’s just getting started.

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