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Porter Robinson Talks Nurture

by Arad Javaheri
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2021’s most anticipated album has dropped with raving reviews. Porter Robinson’s sophomore album Nurture has been the hot topic of the dance music community. Porter sat down with the Zach Sang Show for a fifty-minute tell-all interview where he covers almost all milestones in his career.

What was the inspiration for Worlds?

“There were times where I was DJing on stage and I was looking at people and I thought this sucks. I gotta stop doing this. I’m really unhappy here.”

“I decided then I was quitting EDM and I wrote this album called Worlds. Worlds was a love letter to fiction. It was based around this experience I had around playing games where you’re in these other worlds and embodying a character. I would make all these friends and a lot of these games would end up being shut down. When these online games would get shut down everything you created and the friendships would be lost.”

“This was an album to express the beauty I found in exploring fictional universes and how meaningful books and movies and fiction can be.”


What was the inspiration for Nurture?

Zach Sang Show: “For the longest time I thought the album was called Nature cause there’s so much nature involved in it.

That was an intentional thing too once I realized that I wanted the album to feel up close and intimate I knew that nature was a good representation of that because nature is real and is every day and feels like you can touch it.

I came to realize that the words nature and nurture are connected. When we talk about personality formation and identity formation it’s nature vs nurture. I became so attached to the word nurture because your nature is something that you cant change. Your nurture is the combination of experiences that you had and the way you are treated when growing up but also the things that you do for yourself. Since so much of this album is about trying to be better and trying to grow and overcoming difficulties. I got connected to the idea to nurture because it evokes the idea nature of inherently it also is about the things you can control and do for yourself to lead yourself to a better place.”

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