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Boo Seattle 2023 Recap

Boo Seattle 2023 Festival Review: A Spooktacular Celebration of Music and Halloween Spirit

by Jamie Lin
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As a seasoned festival enthusiast, attending Boo Seattle for the third year in a row, I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my latest adventure. As the biggest Halloween-themed celebrations, last year’s Boo Seattle faced some challenges as festival goers raised concerns about overcrowding. But, here’s the exciting news: this year, the organizers have taken these concerns to heart and made substantial improvements to enhance the festival experience. As a festival content creator who’s always in pursuit of the latest and greatest, I’m here to explore these changes and immerse myself in the transformed Boo Seattle, ready to provide you with all the details on how it has evolved for the better.

Improvement From Last Year

This year, the organizers of Boo Seattle have truly taken crowd control and music experience to the next level with some fantastic improvements. The addition of more stairs is a welcomed change, ensuring a safer and smoother flow of festival-goers throughout the event. However, what truly stands out is the decision to move the bass stage from upstairs at the garage to downstairs. As bass music continues to gain popularity, this strategic shift not only offers more space for enthusiastic bassheads but also provides a more immersive experience. These thoughtful changes make Boo Seattle an  more exciting and enjoyable experience for its devoted music lovers this year.

Addition From Last Year

The vendor village is a true treasure trove for explorers, offering a wide array of unique and captivating finds that add an extra layer of excitement to the event. But, my personal favorite has to be the silent disco. The local artists who perform there were true treasure that I couldn’t miss. Silent Disco allows me to immerse myself in the beats without distraction. I found it easier to connect with fellow festival goers on due to the intimate stage, and even take a break for a peaceful chat, all within the same space. Silent disco is a unique and inclusive experience that enhances the festival’s charm, making it an essential part of Boo Seattle that I can’t help but love. If you haven’t tried silent disco, please try if you have a chance!

Art and Interactive Installations

The festival experience has taken a delightful turn for the visually inclined. For someone like me, who loves to capture the essence of the event, the addition of more photo booths is an absolute treat. But the excitement doesn’t end there; the presence of spooky artists and dancers wandering through the festival grounds adds an extra layer of enchantment. It’s as if the very spirit of Halloween has come to life, as these talented performers infuse the festival with an air of mystique and enchantment. Together, these enhancements truly elevated my experience this year.

The Food and Drinks

Food vendors and beverage stands dotted the festival grounds, offering a diverse selection of delicious treats and refreshing drinks. I got the chicken tenders and fries this year and they are actually very good! The line for getting alcohol can be long.

VIP Experience VS GA Experience

When it comes to the VIP experience at Boo Seattle, it’s a matter of weighing your priorities and budget. In my opinion, if you have a little extra to spend and want to elevate your festival experience, going for VIP is a fantastic choice. One of the standout advantages is the convenience – no waiting in long entrance or restroom lines, which can make a significant difference in your festival enjoyment. If you’re a dedicated fan of the main stage, the designated VIP area there is a game-changer. It offers prime views and a more comfortable space, even though it may get crowded at times. Do keep in mind that the bass stage doesn’t have VIP access. However, if you’re someone who enjoys taking breaks and chilling during a festival, the whole second level for VIP is a hidden gem. It’s a fantastic spot to unwind, recharge, and escape the hustle and bustle. So, if you appreciate both comfort and exclusivity, the VIP pass is well worth the investment to make your Boo Seattle experience even more memorable.


In summary, my experience at Boo Seattle this year was an absolute highlight, surpassing my previous visits in every way. The improvements made by the organizers truly elevated the festival, addressing past concerns and creating a more enjoyable and seamless experience for attendees. Here’s to the anticipation of what the next edition will bring, and the memories yet to be made!

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