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Mesto and Dastic’s Fresh Future Bounce Track “Don’t Wait” featuring Claudy

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Listeners, if you are in need of a fun future bounce track for summer parties give a listen to “Don’t Wait.” This relatively new single features collaboration from two young and talented Dutch producers, Mesto and Dastic, featuring Swiss vocalist Claudy.

Mesto and Dastic showcase their production skills with a beautiful blend of acoustic sounds and light synth work to highlight the uplifting and playful vocals of Claudy. The track begins with a vocal chop that eventually becomes the center of the track. A combination of legato strings and evolving synth pads add to the tension of the build. The vocal chop returns along with a guitar riff and drums build towards the resolution.

The drop is led by the groove of that same rhythmic vocal chop introduced at the start of the track. A bouncy bass compliments the rhythm established by the vocal chop and the four on the floor pattern pulls the groove into one cohesive drop.

For such young producers, Mesto and Dastic are extremely detailed in their production. Due to the subtle yet intricate details, the track brings excitement with each section.

Enjoy some summer fun with “Don’t Wait” by Mesto and Dastic, featuring Claudy.

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