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Ladytron’s haunting “City of Angels” music video

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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With Halloween right around the corner, Ladytron release their haunting music video for their latest single “City of Angels.” If you are unfamiliar with this eclectic synth-quartet, dive head first into their intoxicating sound with this new music video. Praised for its chilling atmosphere of glistening synth-work, “City of Angels” premiered earlier this month as the first track off their forthcoming album Time’s Arrow.

Today, the thrilling music video comes to fruition by the mind of director Manuel Nogueira. As the band has often said: “Where we are from it is always Halloween.” Filmed in the mansion of architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the story of a photographer confronting mysterious forces begins. Conversely, the band members begin to haunt the lead actress Bianca Comparato as the musical thriller unfolds with evocative imagery. The supernatural atmosphere is captured through grim and mind-bending imagery.  Above all, the use of noir-style colors and liminal space captures the perplexing essence of the short film.

Bianca says: “I’m such a fan of Ladtyron – I was lucky enough to be in the music video…the whole experience was a dream come true.”

Ladytron’s upcoming LP, Time’s Arrow, is due out on January 20, 2023. Listeners can expect crystalline melodies enveloped in icy textures and rippling arpeggios, shoegaze, disco, and industrial sounds that combine in their signature electro pop style.

Full Tracklist forTime’s Arrow
City of Angels
Misery Remember Me
Flight From Angkor
We Never Went Away
The Night
The Dreamers
Sargasso Sea
Time’s Arrow

Ladytron ‘Time’s Arrow’

Ladytron UK Dates
1. March 10th, 2023 – Glasgow, SWG3
2. March 11th, 2023 – Liverpool, Camp & Furnace
3. March 12th, 2023 – London, Koko
More about Ladytron:
Members: Helen Marnie, Mira Aroyo, Daniel Hunt, and Reuben Wu

Forming in Liverpool in the late 90s and taking their name from the gloriously blank Roxy Music track, Ladytron’s debut album 604 was released a year ahead of 2002’s Light&Magic with Witching Hour in 2005 – “a quantum leap record” said Pitchfork. The group were lauded as leaders of the new electro pop and electro clash scenes then flourishing, and Light&Magic went on to be influential, for both independent and mainstream electronic pop music which followed.


Next up, 2008’s Velocifero, before 2011’s more serene, dreamy Gravity the Seducer and the cue for a deserved break which lasted years longer than imagined. Along the way they wrote and produced for other artists, including Lush and Christina Aguilera. The group reconvened in 2019 for an album which Q Magazine called “near perfection”, with Mojo insisting that in “Dark times, Ladytron soundtrack them beautifully”. GQ described it as “Formidable machine music, full of urgency and menace.” While NPR posited that “Ladytron seems enraptured at the idea of change, and of new beginnings in the face of a possible fiery end”.


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