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High Ground Festival 2022

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As the summer season begins to shift into Fall, High Ground Festival is upon us. This immersive music and art experience at the Denver Polo Grounds blends Music, Art, Nature, and Cannabis into a single 2-day experience bound to blow your socks off. High Ground Festival mystical origins speak of dimensions between the physical and spirit world. A place where all can enjoy the natural wonders of coming together and listening to music. Here, in this mystical world of High Ground we are protected and meant to embody a trio of Native spirit animals.


The Black Bear represents confidence and the power to stand against adversity. This allows you to stand in your power and know that no matter what you are safe and ok. You CAN get through this. With confidence brings action and with action brings change. The choice is yours. 

bear face.png


The Elk represents strength, stamina endurance patience and community. Everybody is in this together. It takes a tribe to raise a baby. We are naturally social caring beings who need to love and interact with each other.

elk face.png


Gray Wolf represents freedom, intelligence, deep connection with instincts. We are all free creatures and have deep inner knowings that connect us to all things.

wolf face.png

These 3 animals stand as the spirit for the High Ground Festival and its community. A community where your unique individuality is welcomed with open arms.

Not only is it in a beautiful location with great open minded fans but this year’s lineup is top notch. With High Ground bringing a diverse group of musicians ranging from psychedelic funk all the way to the heavy bass. Some artists we are most excited to see include; Troyboi, Tokimonsta, What So Not, Maddy O’neal, Lucid Vision, and Waxcat music (Winners of the Chromeo remix contest) These artists are bound to bring the good vibes and keep the spirits high.

If you are on the fence about going to High Ground Festival dont be, this is a must see for all music lovers located near and far to the bass capital of Colorado. Get your tickets before they’re gone! Tickets


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