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GRiZ Presents: GRiZmas 2022 Review

by Connor Smith
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Over the weekend, we spent our time celebrating with ravers and electronic music enthusiasts alike at GRiZ’s specially curated event Grizmas. Taking place at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, the music event celebrated its ninth anniversary, with all proceeds between merchandise sales and concert tickets going to the charitable organization Seven Mile, a foundation offering afterschool and summer camp programming engaging local youth in musical and creative arts.


The 12 days of Grizmas began its charity events on the 29th of November, continuing each day with specially designed activities such as yoga, dodgeball, painting, ice skating, open mic night, and a roller disco party, until closing with the legendary 2- day concert on the 9thand 10th of December. This year, the charity managed to raise over $200,000 dollars, an achievement that had GRiZ himself in tears as he announced the figure to all his fans on the second day of his Grizmas concert. Giving praise to the team that worked night and day to put on the event, GRiZ also made sure to commend each individual who participated for their dedication to his cause and giving back this holiday season.


Fans and staff throughout the event gave an overwhelming feeling of acceptance and love as the 2-day musical affair took place. With individuals dressed up in holiday attire and merchandise acquired from GRiZ’s charity program, everyone seemed eager to celebrate with their extended rave family as they came together to partake in the magical event. Strangers introduced themselves with a smile on their face, delivering a feeling of comfortability from the moment the music began until it was time to exit the venue. Overall, the experience was unlike any show that takes place during the year, leaving everyone in attendance with joy in their hearts as they continue into the new year.


Comprised with a collection of talent, Grizmas enlisted an assemblage of emerging producers and DJs that delivered hard hitting and entertaining sets throughout the event. On the first night, producer CannaBliss provided some trance-like drum and bass, leading into the Dirty Snatcha b2b Carbin set that pumped up the heavy bass, an overall experience that incorporated multiple styles of EDM for all to enjoy.

The following night, DJ and producer KHIVA brought deep and wonky sounds to the stage, preparing the crowd for a night riddled with dubstep. Michigan native and producer Wreckno began his set with a dance rendition from the film Mean Girls, bringing a comical relief to the audience as he continued the night with rapping and hard-hitting dubstep.

The events namesake producer GRiZ headlined the event both nights. On night one, GRiZ tapped into his funkier side, incorporating live vocals from singer Chrishira Perrier and rapper Probcause with melodies from his brass ensemble to create a groovy array of sound that had the audience swaying in unison between each note. Playing his classics feel good tracks like “Good Times Roll” and “Daily Routine”, GRiZ had the crowd captivated from start to finish. As his first set came to a close, GRiZ stated “Tomorrow, we’re on demon time”, ensuring dubstep fans that there was a healthy helping of dirty drops and bass to follow his successful night one.

GRiZ’s night two set began just as he promised, a remix of the Christmas classic “Sleigh Ride” erupted from the speakers in perfect holiday fashion. Following the intro GRiZ quickly led into heavy dubstep with unbelievably low bass and a beautiful array of lasers and lights that didn’t cease until the set was completely over. He downright shocked the crowd with how hard hitting the set was, with absolute banger after banger for the entirety. Ending the set with his adored ID collaboration with Zeds Dead that has now been identified as “Ecstasy of Soul,” attendees can say both nights combined the perfect combination of his classic funk with his ever-evolving dubstep style.


Between the charity events and the concert itself, it is safe to say this years’ Grizmas is one for the record books. As we move into the new year, Grizmas 2022 will have left a lasting impression on the city and everyone who attended, with anxiousness rising as we anticipate what’s in store for us come next December.

Donations will remain open until December 15th! To donate visit www.12daysofgrizmas.com


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